Seismic Noise Studies of Urbanized Areas at Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Monday, 15 December 2014
Karen Cecilia Lara Huerta1, Christian R Escudero1, Adan Gomez1 and Luis Madrigal2, (1)Universidad de Guadalajara, Centro de Sismologia y Volcanología de Occidente, Puerto, Mexico, (2)Universidad Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco, Villahermosa, Mexico
The application of seismic noise techniques in urbanized environment becomes a valuable tool to obtain information that is critical in areas exposed to earthquakes. Damage distribution during large earthquakes is frequently conditioned by site effects, in this way we determine site effect using ambient noise measurements in the area of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We focus our microtremor measurements to the estimation of a subsoil structure. To perform this we use three different techniques H/V spectral ratios, array measurements of microtremors applying the SPAC and F-k techniques. This work discusses the results that were obtained applying these techniques to the urbanized areas of Puerto Vallarta city. We present a series of maps showing the result as well as analyzed its application to risk assessment.