In Situ and Spaceborne Observations of Atmospheric Water Vapor and Temperature I Posters

Friday, 19 December 2014: 8:00 AM-12:20 PM
Chairs:  Isaac Moradi, Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites University of Maryland, College Park, MD, United States and Viviana Maggioni, George Mason University Fairfax, Fairfax, VA, United States
Primary Conveners:  Isaac Moradi, University of Maryland College Park, Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center - ESSIC, College Park, MD, United States
Co-conveners:  Holger Voemel, DWD, Tauche, Germany and Isaac Moradi, Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites University of Maryland, College Park, MD, United States
OSPA Liaisons:  Isaac Moradi, Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites University of Maryland, College Park, MD, United States

Abstracts Submitted to this Session:

Single-Footprint Retrievals from AIRS
Fredrick W Irion1, Evan Fishbein1, Dejian Fu1, Glynn C Hulley1, Brian H Kahn1, Mathias M Schreier1, Qing Yue1, Sun Wong1, Lawrence Larrabee Strow2, Sergio G Desouza-Machado2 and Susan Sund Kulawik3, (1)Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA, United States, (2)University of Maryland Baltimore County, Baltimore, MD, United States, (3)Bay Area Environmental Research Institute Moffett Field, Moffett Field, CA, United States
Total Column Water Vapour Retrieval in the Arctic using Satellite-Borne Measurements from the Microwave Humidity Sounder
Christopher W Perro, Glen B Lesins, Thomas Duck and James R Drummond, Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, Canada
Statistical considerations in creating water vapor data records from combinations of satellite and other observation types, including in situ and ground-based remote sensing
John A Dykema, Harvard Univ, Cambridge, MA, United States and James G Anderson, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, United States
Assessing the quality of humidity measurements from operational radiosonde sensors
Phillip A Arkin, Univ of MD-ESSIC, College Park, MD, United States, Isaac Moradi, Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites University of Maryland, College Park, MD, United States and Ralph R Ferraro, Univ Maryland-ESSIC/CICS and NOAA/NESDIS, College Park, MD, United States
Validation of AIRS V6 Near Surface Air Temperature Over Ocean and Corresponding Sea Surface Temperature
Hong Van T Dang, Bjorn Lambrigtsen and Evan Marshall Manning, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA, United States
Improved Temperature and Pressure Profiles Retrieved from the ACE-Maestro Spectra Based on Revised O2 a- and b- Bands Spectral Parameters
Omid Moeini1, Caroline R Nowlan2, Charles T McElroy1 and James R Drummond3, (1)York University, Toronto, ON, Canada, (2)Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge, MA, United States, (3)Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, Canada
Traceability and reliable uncertainty calculation of near-surface air temperature measurements.
Carmen García Izquierdo, Centro Español de Metrología, Temperature, Tres Cantos, Madrid, Spain and Andrea Merlone, Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica (INRiM), Thermodynamics Division, Torino, Italy
A Comparison of Tropospheric Temperature Changes over China Revealed By Multiple Datasets
Lixia Zhang, IAP Insititute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China and Tianjun Zhou, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Beijing, China
Intercomparison of TCCON and MUSICA Water Vapour Products
Dan Weaver1, Kim Strong1, Nicholas M Deutscher2, Matthias Schneider3, Thomas Blumenstock3, John Robinson4, Justus Notholt5, Vanessa Sherlock4, David W T Griffith6, Sabine Barthlott3, Omaira E Garcia7, Dan Smale4, Mathias Palm2, Nicholas B Jones6, Frank Hase3, Rigel Kivi8, Yolanda González Ramos7, Kei Yoshimura9, Eliezer Sepúlveda7, Ángel J Gómez-Peláez7, Michael Gisi3, Regina Kohlhepp3, Thorsten Warneke2, Susanne Dohe3, Andreas Wiegele3, Emanuel Christner10, Bernard Lejeune11 and Philippe Demoulin11, (1)University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada, (2)University of Bremen, Institute of Environmental Physics, Bremen, Germany, (3)Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karlsruhe, Germany, (4)NIWA National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, Wellington, New Zealand, (5)University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany, (6)University of Wollongong, Wollongong, Australia, (7)Agencia Estatal de Meteorología, Izana Atmospheric Research Centre, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain, (8)Finnish Meteorological Institute, Helsinki, Finland, (9)Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan, (10)Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Atmospheric trace gas measurements and remote sensing, Karlsruhe, Germany, (11)University of Liège, Institute of Astrophysics and Geophysics, Liège, Belgium
Improving Atmospheric Correction for Visible/Short Wave Infrared (VSWIR) Imaging Spectrometers with Iterative Fitting of Absorption By Three Phases of Water
Elyse Ann Pennington1, David R Thompson1, Robert O Green1 and Bo-Cai Gao2, (1)NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA, United States, (2)Naval Research Lab DC, Washington, DC, United States
Primary estimation of annual variation of water vapor in the Arctic Ocean between 70–80°N using shipborne GPS data based on kinematic precise point positioning
Xiaowen Luo1, Tao Zhang2, Jinyao Gao1 and Zhaocai Wu1, (1)Second Institute of Oceanography, State Oceanographic Administration of China, Hangzhou, China, (2)2nd Institute of Oceanography, Hangzhou,Zhejiang, China
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