Undergraduate Student Research: A Multidisciplinary Session II eLightning

Session ID#: 93338

Session Description:
Undergraduates who have conducted research are invited to present their results in this general session that will highlight the wide variety of student research and provide an opportunity for interested faculty to discuss your project with you. Students who have participated in Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) programs are particularly invited so that we may showcase the wide range of research experiences available through this program. Students are not limited to this session, and we encourage any undergraduate student who wishes to submit an abstract to a specialized science session in the subject of their research to consider that option as well. Submissions may be for posters or oral presentations.
Index Terms:

0810 Post-secondary education [EDUCATION]
4299 General or miscellaneous [OCEANOGRAPHY: GENERAL]
4899 General or miscellaneous [OCEANOGRAPHY: BIOLOGICAL]
4999 General or miscellaneous [PALEOCEANOGRAPHY]
Primary Chair:  Elizabeth Lynch Rom, National Science Foundation, GEO/OCE, Arlington, VA, United States
Co-Chair:  David Fields, Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, East Boothbay, ME, United States
Primary Liaison:  Elizabeth Lynch Rom, National Science Foundation, GEO/OCE, Arlington, VA, United States

Abstracts Submitted to this Session:

Using Machine Learning to Estimate Relative Abundances of Marine Heterotrophic Protists (644355)
Keomony Diep, Greta Kcomt Del Rio, Sara Bailey and Darcy Taniguchi, California State University San Marcos, Biology, San Marcos, CA, United States
Influence of Dissolved Humic Compounds on K. brevis Cell Viability, Intracellular Brevetoxin Concentrations and Brevetoxin Aerosolization (648984)
Mark Leone1, Cynthia Heil2 and Amanda Muni-Morgan2, (1)Florida Gulf Coast University, Fort Myers, FL, United States, (2)Mote Marine Laboratory, Red Tide Institute, Sarasota, FL, United States
Seasonal Phytoplankton Production at the New England Shelf Break Front: Observations Using the Coastal Pioneer Array’s Submarine Gliders (652039)
Kyle Ehmann1, Samantha Ferguson1, Cassandra Este Alexander2 and Robert D Vaillancourt3, (1)Millersville University of Pennsylvania, Millersville, United States, (2)Millersville University of Pennsylvania, Millersville, PA, United States, (3)Millersville University, Millersville, PA, United States
Cellular Response of Emiliania huxleyi to Growth on Phosphonates (656139)
Catherine Mahoney, Maine Maritime Academy, Corning School of Ocean Studies, Castine, ME, United States, Emily J McDermith, University of Rhode Island, Cell and Molecular Biology, Kingston, RI, United States, LeAnn Pritchard Whitney, Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, East Boothbay, ME, United States and Michael W Lomas, Bigelow Lab for Ocean Sciences, East Boothbay, ME, United States
The Effects of Metal Contaminants on Fish Sensory Abilities (653175)
Rosanyely Santana, Florida International University, Institute of Water and Environment, North Miami, FL, United States
Upside-down Jellyfish: A Bioindicator of the Consequences of the Halophila stipulacea (656702)
Nina Scott and Edwin Cruz-Rivera, University of the Virgin Islands, Charlotte Amalie, United States
Spatial Analysis of the Invasive Striped Eel Catfish in the Saipan Lagoon (645910)
D'amy Steward1, Steve McKagan2, Robbie Greene2 and Michael Trianni2, (1)NOAA, Hollings, Saipan, United States, (2)NOAA, NMFS, Saipan, United States
Impacts on Indicator Fish Species from the Reduced Flow of Power Plant Cooling Water (652913)
Dakota Stankowski, Northland College, Ashland, WI, United States and Thomas M Grothues, Rutgers University Marine Field Station, Tuckerton, United States
Microplastics: More than Just a Saltwater Problem (652731)
Nicole Burdick1, Maeve H Ahern2, Daniel Welsh3 and Elizabeth S Gordon2, (1)Fitchburg State University, Biology, Fitchburg, United States, (2)Fitchburg State University, Earth and Geographic Sciences, Fitchburg, MA, United States, (3)Fitchburg State University, Biology/Chemistry, Fitchburg, MA, United States
Gulf of Maine Temperature-Salinity Curves From the Early 1900s (Henry Bigelow) Compared to the Present (GNATS) (637557)
Gabrielle Martinez, American Society of Limnology and Oceanography, Kensington, United States and William M Balch, Bigelow Lab for Ocean Sciences, East Boothbay, ME, United States
An Ocean of Stories: Improving Understanding of Coastal Ecosystem Issues & Research in Kachemak Bay, Alaska with esri Story Maps (656172)
Brianne Visaya, National Centers of Coastal Ocean Science, National Ocean Service, Kasitsna Bay Laboratory, Homer, AK, United States
Impact of STEMSEAS Program on Underrepresented Undergraduate Student Experiences in Pursuing Marine Science Research (641956)
Tiffany Willis, San Diego Mesa College, San Diego, CA, United States, Lisa D White, University of California Berkeley, Museum of Paleontology, Berkeley, CA, United States and Sharon K Cooper, Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, Palisades, NY, United States