Development of the effective teaching material of the science unit "the Moon and the Sun" of the elementary school of Japan. - Method for understanding of the movement of the celestial sphere -

Monday, 15 December 2014
Ittetsu Taketa and Ichiro Matsumoto, Shimane University, Matsue, Japan
In general, elementary school teacher relatively poor at the science field about “earth and universe”. There is the science unit "the Moon and the Sun" in the sixth grader in elementary school in Japan. In this study, we developed the effective teaching material that is both student is easy understanding and teacher is easy treating.

The teaching material that we developed is the Movement of the Moon and the Sun using about 30-cm turntable and a USB Camera. As for the previous teaching materials, every student was checking (see) the moon and the sun spatial relationship, and the shape of the moon to each. The developed teaching material have the advantage that all student in the class can check the same phenomenon on a Video screen, by using a USB Camera. And we carried the questionnaire survey to student of attached elementary school of Shimane University. The result checked that such teaching materials were useful to a student's understanding of the movement of the celestial sphere.