Development of the teaching materials of the elementary school science related to a Volcano, an Earthquake, and a Life.

Monday, 15 December 2014
Ichiro Matsumoto, Ryo Sasaki, Sayaka Norimoto, Emika Kanagi and Erika Fujimoto, Shimane University, Matsue, Japan
Importance of the learning about Volcano, Earthquake and Life is increasing since the disaster by the Tohoku-Earthquake and Tsunami at the 11th March 2011, in Japan. This research aims at the teaching-materials development of the science education of elementary school about natural disaster, disaster prevention, and life respect.

We are carrying this research using the following three Methods. 1) We summarize the present student's knowledge and understanding about volcano, Earthquake and Life. 2) We summarize the state of the science teaching materials as disaster prevention, disaster reduction and life education. 3) We discuss about how depending on which the human beings to a natural disaster, and the state of the teaching materials which student study about the importance of a life.

In this presentation we made preliminary report about developed teaching materials of Volcanoes of Mt. Sambe and Mt. Dai and the past earthquakes. According to above teaching materials, it found out It is important how a student is accompanied by realistic feelings.