Creating Research Experiences in Ocean Science for Two Year College (2YC) Students Using Resources Available through the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP)

Tuesday, 16 December 2014
Kusali R Gamage, Austin Community College, Austin, TX, United States
One of the best and simple ways to increase enthusiasm for ocean sciences is by getting 2YC students connected with data and tools available through IODP. IODP is one of the world’s largest international marine research programs that is dedicated to advancing understanding of Earth’s processes through scientific drilling of the ocean floor. Few of the activities proposed here can be easily integrated into any 2YC geoscience class. These include, live video conferencing with JOIDES Resolution Ocean Drilling research vessel which provides a unique opportunity for the students to ask questions from the shipboard scientists and learn about their research as well as their experience onboard. In class, students will be introduced to search and use data available through scientific drilling to answer scientific questions. Furthermore, organizing field trips to the IODP Gulf Coast repository will provide hands on experience to describe and analyze cores from the ocean floor. These simple additions to the curriculum will provide wide range of unique experiences to the students at 2YC which will encourage them to pursue advanced studies in ocean sciences and/or careers in scientific ocean drilling.