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Qafoku, N. P.
B41F-0499Abstract Title: What can molecular dynamics simulations reveal about the stability of proteinaceous soil organic matter on mineral surfaces? , B44C-06Abstract Title: Exploring soil organic matter-mineral interactions: mechanistic insights at the nanometer and molecular length scales, H31I-1556Abstract Title: Efficacy of Biostimulation for Uranium Sequestration: Coupled Effects Sediment/Groundwater Geochemistry and Microbiology, H43F-1595Abstract Title: Timing of Getter Material Addition in Cementitious Wasteforms, H43F-1596Abstract Title: Getters for Tc and I Removal from Liquid Waste 
Qamili, E.
GP34A-01Abstract Title: Swarm, 2 years of operations: update on constellation, instrument status and data quality., GP34A-05Abstract Title: The Evolution of the South Atlantic Anomaly by Swarm Data
Qashqai, M.
S11B-04Abstract Title: Multi-Observable Thermochemical Tomography of the lithosphere and upper mantle
Qi, C.
DI24A-05Abstract Title: Experimental Investigation of the Electrical Anisotropy of the Lithosphere–Asthenosphere System, MR31A-04Abstract Title: Dislocation Creep of Ice At Glaciological Pressures and Temperatures
Qi, H.
G21B-1030Abstract Title: Landslide Monitoring with ALOS/PALSAR data in Mountain Area
Qi, J.
T51F-2980Abstract Title: Structure and dynamics in the north Jizhong Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, Eastern China
Qi, J.
GC31B-1174Abstract Title: Regulations of evapotranspiration and ecosystem productivity from biophysical and human drivers in drylands Northern Eurasia, GC31B-1175Abstract Title: Northern Eurasia Future Initiative: Facing the Challenges of Global Change in the 21st century, GC33F-08Abstract Title: Challenges and Alternatives to Sustainable Management of Agriculture and Pastoral Ecosystems in Asian Drylands
QI, J.
H13C-1520Abstract Title: Modifying the Soil Temperature Module in SWAT for Application in Atlantic Canada: Module Development, Validation and Impacts on Watershed Modelling
Qi, L.
A33D-0180Abstract Title: A Microphysics-Based Black Carbon Aging Scheme in a Global Chemical Transport Model: Constraints from HIPPO Observations, C21D-03Abstract Title: Factors Controlling Black Carbon Deposition in Snow in the Arctic
Qi, S.
GC51E-1135Abstract Title: Unusually High Nitrate Concentrations in Some Midwest United States Streams in 2013 Following the 2012 Drought
Qi, W.
B43C-0583Abstract Title: Forest Vertical Structure of Sierra Nevada Observed by the First Spaceborne Tandem SAR Mission
Qi, X.
DI31B-2594Abstract Title: An Ultrasonic Study on the Polyamorphic Transition in La/Ce-based Bulk Metallic Glass to 12 GPa, MR12A-04Abstract Title: Mantle Composition and Temperature of Western North America Revealed from Direct P and S Wave Velocities of KLB-1 Peridotite to the Condition of Transition Zone, MR13B-2699Abstract Title: Elasticity and Pressure-induced Phase Transition in Coesite from Experiments and First Principle Calculations
Qi, X.
T51E-2956Abstract Title: Basin-mountain structures and hydrocarbon exploration potential of west Junggar orogen in China
Qi, Y.
H13H-1652Abstract Title: Evaluation of Integrated Multi-satellitE Retrievals for GPM with All Weather Gauge Observations over CONUS, H24E-04Abstract Title: Merging Radar Quantitative Precipitation Estimates (QPEs) from the High-resolution NEXRAD Reanalysis over CONUS with Rain-gauge Observations, H51I-1512Abstract Title: Quality Control of 11-Year Hourly Rain Gauge Data Over CONUS Based on Radar and Atmospheric Environmental Data
Qian, C.
MR23B-2657Abstract Title: Influence of the spin crossover in ferropericlase on the lower mantle geotherm
Qian, F.
NH21A-1805Abstract Title: A Special Type of Georesistivity Variation before Some Larger Earthquakes
Qian, L.
SA32A-02Abstract Title: Response of Thermospheric Hydrogen to Solar Variability and Greenhouse Gases, SA32A-04Abstract Title: Variations of Hydrogen in the Thermosphere: Nature and Causes, SA52A-06Abstract Title: Latitudinal and Solar Cycle Variability of Thermosphere Composition at the Solstices
Qian, W.
B21D-0491Abstract Title: Dynamic Linkages between Denitrification Functional Genes/Enzymes and Biogeochemical Reaction Rates of Nitrate and Its Reduction Products, H33C-1615Abstract Title: Dynamic Kinetics of Nitrogen Cycle in Groundwater-Surface Water Interaction Zone at Hanford Site
Qian, X.
S43B-2792Abstract Title: Short-impending Anomaly of GPS Observation and its Implications in Yunnan Earthquake Predication
Qian, Y. K.
NG33A-1843Abstract Title: A Numerical Study on the Characteristics of High-frequency Oscillations in the Eyewall of Tropical Cyclones
Qian, Y.
A11A-0022Abstract Title: Simulation of the Dust Aerosol and its Climatic Effect over East Asia using WRF-Chem model, A33I-0291Abstract Title: Dynamical and thermodynamical modulations of future atmospheric river changes in the west coast of North America, A33L-0379Abstract Title: Characterizing the distributions and sources of dust during atmospheric river landfall in the western U.S., A44EAbstract Title: Wildfire in a Changing World: Interactions with Climate and Ecosystems I, A51C-0050Abstract Title: Parameteric dependence of climate sensitivity and cloud response in CAM5 with a higher-order closure scheme, A51L-0241Abstract Title: Regional climate effects of aerosols on precipitation and snowpack in California, A51Q-0347Abstract Title: Contributions of wildfire to climate variability, C21D-06Abstract Title: A review of measurement and modeling of Light-absorbing Particles in Snow and Ice and their climatic and hydrological impact , GC43C-1224Abstract Title: Using nudged simulations to investigate parameter sensitivities in CAM5, H33J-05Abstract Title: Using Observations to Models to Understand the Effects of Irrigation, Groundwater Dynamics, Land Surface/Subsurface Heterogeneity on Land-Atmosphere-Cloud-Interactions: Evidence from the Southern Great Plains
Qian, Z.
GC33C-1301Abstract Title: Scenario Analysis on Global Hydropower Development Paths and Their Contribution to GHG Mitigation Utilizing a Dynamic CGE Model
Qiang, H. Sr
T21A-2798Abstract Title: Stress Coupling Relationship between Mantle Convection and Seismogenic Layer in Southeastern Tibetan Plateau and its Geodynamic Implications
Qiang, X.
GP42A-02Abstract Title: Loess 10Be evidence for an asynchronous Brunhes-Matuyama magnetic polarity reversal
Qiao, L.
H43I-1675Abstract Title: Woody Plant Invasion Changes Soil Water Storage Dynamics And Shifts Runoff Generation Mechanisms
Qiao, N.
B43H-0638Abstract Title: Vegetation Red-edge Spectral Modeling for Solar-induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence Retrieval at O2-B Band
Qiao, W.
H21A-1347Abstract Title: Study on Two-Phase Flow in Heterogeneous Porous Media by Light Transmission Method
Qiao, X.
H43A-1473Abstract Title: Web-Based Data Visualization and Analysis using HydroShare and the Open Source Tethys Platform
Qiao, X.
H43D-1531Abstract Title: Research about the Control of Geological Structure on Karst Groundwater system in Zhangfang, Beijing,China.
Qiao, X.
H23B-1575Abstract Title: Heat transfer Effect by soil temperature changes under shallow groundwater in the Mu Us desert, Northern China
Qiao, Y.
A41C-0083Abstract Title: Quasi-biweekly Oscillation of East Asian Winter Monsoon and its Relationship with East Asian Winter Climate
Qie, L.
A51B-0044Abstract Title: Observation of a Dust Storm during 2015 Spring over Beijing, China
Qie, X.
AE31C-0456Abstract Title: Lightning characteristics related to radar morphology in linear convective systems over North China plain, AE31C-0457Abstract Title: A preliminary study of thunderstorm tracking based on single-station observations of NBEs
Qie, X.
AE13A-02Abstract Title: Beijing Lightning Network (BLNET): Configuration, Function and Preliminary Results
Qin, C.
H21AAbstract Title: Complexities of Flow and Transport in Porous Media across Diverse Disciplines I Posters, H21A-1319Abstract Title: Water Transport in the Micro Porous Layer and Gas Diffusion Layer of a Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell, H23IAbstract Title: Complexities of Flow and Transport in Porous Media across Diverse Disciplines II, H24AAbstract Title: Complexities of Flow and Transport in Porous Media across Diverse Disciplines III
Qin, G.
SH33B-2461Abstract Title: Simulation of ${}^3$He rich solar energetic particle events observed by multi-spacecraft at different longitude
Qin, J.
SA13B-2371Abstract Title: Accurate Quantification of Ionospheric State Based on Comprehensive Radiative Transfer Modeling and Optimal Inversion of the OI 135.6-nm Emission
Qin, J.
NH43B-1884Abstract Title: Intensity Maps Production Using Real-Time Joint Streaming Data Processing From Social and Physical Sensors
Qin, J.
GC23L-1267Abstract Title: Evaluation on newly developed high resolution of surface solar radiation from MTSAT observations for the Tibetan Plateau
Qin, K.
GC13B-1149Abstract Title: Soil Microbial Community Responses to Long-Term Global Change Factors in a California Grassland
Qin, Q. L.
B11E-0479Abstract Title: Structural and Molecular Basis for the Novel Catalytic Mechanism and Evolution of DddP, an Abundant Peptidase-Like Bacterial Dimethylsulfoniopropionate Lyase: A New Enzyme from an Old Fold
Qin, S.
B31D-0586Abstract Title: Different determinants of soil carbon decomposition between active and permafrost layers: evidence from alpine permafrost on the Tibetan Plateau
Qin, W.
T21A-2804Abstract Title: Crustal and Upper-mantle Structure of Southeastern Tibetan Plateau Inverted by Joining Surface Wave Dispersion and Receiver Function
Qin, X.
C13A-0798Abstract Title: Impacts of black carbon and mineral dust on glacier melting in the Qilian Mts., northeastern Tibetan Plateau
Qin, Y.
T33C-2953Abstract Title: Nature and Role of Subducting Sediments on the Megathrust and Forearc Evolution in the 2004 Great Sumatra Earthquake Rupture Zone: Results from Full Waveform Inversion of Long Offset Seismic Data
Qin, Y.
A51D-0084Abstract Title: Development of a unified turbulence scheme with a statistical cloud fraction scheme in Community Atmosphere Model
Qin, Y.
B13F-0682Abstract Title: Modeling Gross Primary Production in North America with MODIS Images and Reanalysis Climate Data, B51LAbstract Title: Remote Sensing of Forests and Plantations in the Tropical and Subtropical Zones I, B51L-02Abstract Title: Changes in rubber plantation in the cross-border area of mainland Southeast Asia through analysis of PALSAR and time series Landsat images, B53EAbstract Title: Remote Sensing of Forests and Plantations in the Tropical and Subtropical Zones II Posters, B53E-0615Abstract Title: Mapping forests in Monsoon Asia with ALOS PALSAR and MODIS imagery in 2010, GC13B-1142Abstract Title: Mapping Woody Plant Encroachment in Grassland Using Multiple Source Remote Sensing images: Case Study in Oklahoma, GC41C-1103Abstract Title: Spatial-temporal dynamics of agricultural drought in the tallgrass prairie region of the Southern Great Plains during 2000-2013
Qin, Y.
GC33C-1304Abstract Title: Farm Management Support on Cloud Computing Platform: A System for Cropland Monitoring Using Multi-Source Remotely Sensed Data
Qin, Z.
GC13AAbstract Title: Biofuel-Induced Land Use/Land Cover Change and Associated Biogeochemical and Biophysical Impacts Posters, GC13A-1128Abstract Title: Estimating soil carbon change and biofuel life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions with economic, ecosystem and life-cycle models
Qin, Z.
V51D-3059Abstract Title: Three-phase flow dynamics in the lava lakes at Mount Erebus, Antarctica
Qing, H.
V53E-3161Abstract Title: Using a novel Mg isotope tracer to investigate the dolomitization of the Red River Formation in the Williston Basin
Qing, W.
GC51G-1175Abstract Title: Research on the acid rain under the short-term environment control measures of the Youth Olympic Games
Qinghai, H.
V23B-3115Abstract Title: Spatial geochemistry variations of 130-135Ma A-type granites from the northern Zhejiang Province, South China: implication for crust-mantle interaction
Qinhuo, L.
A33E-0231Abstract Title: Satellite Albedo products Validation by Upscaling Multi-nodes in situ Data into a Satellite Pixel Scale over Heterogeneous Land Surface , B21D-0481Abstract Title: Modeling and validation of directional reflectance for heterogeneous agro-forestry scenarios
Qiong, X.
G43B-1036Abstract Title: Changes of the Oceanic Long-term and seasonal variation in a Global-warming Climate
Qiu, B.
A33J-0308Abstract Title: Wilting Point is the Key Link between the Water and Carbon Cycles in a Remote Sensing-Constrained Global Terrestrial Biosphere Model, A33J-0326Abstract Title: Validating the Sensitivity of a Regional Climate Model to Land Surface Parameterization Schemes for East Asian Summer Monsoon
Qiu, F.
GC31E-1246Abstract Title: Power System Operations With Water Constraints
Qiu, G. Y.
B53E-0613Abstract Title: Non-destructive testing for combined stresses using high-resolution thermal infrared remote sensing and ‘‘three-temperature model’’: A case study on mangrove plant Kandelia obovata, H11E-1389Abstract Title: Distribution, fraction, and ecological risk assesment of heavy metals in sediment-plant system in mangrove forest, South China Sea, H33B-1571Abstract Title: Cooling Effect of Evapotranspiration (ET) and ET Measurement by Thermal Remote Sensing in Urban
Qiu, H.
T51A-2865Abstract Title: Characterization of the San Jacinto Fault Zone Northwest of the Trifurcation Area from Earthquake Data Recorded by a Dense Linear Array
Qiu, H.
T13C-3025Abstract Title: Multi-phase Uplift of the Indo-Burman Ranges and Western Thrust Belt of Minbu Sub-basin (West Myanmar): Constraints from Apatite Fission Track Data
Qiu, J.
H33I-1726Abstract Title: From provocative narrative scenarios to quantitative biophysical model results: Simulating plausible futures to 2070 in an urbanizing agricultural watershed in Wisconsin, USA
Qiu, J.
OS33A-2005Abstract Title: Using Bathymodiolus tissue stable isotope signatures to infer biogeochemical process at hydrocarbon seeps
Qiu, N.
V51B-3037Abstract Title: Detrital zircon (U-Th)/He thermochronometry in the sedimentary basin and its geological significance
Qiu, N.
T51F-2972Abstract Title: Geophysical Investigations of Crustal Structure of Cenozoic Rifting Basin in Passive Continental Margin: The Pearl River Mouth Basin, South China Sea
Qiu, Q.
NH23A-1865Abstract Title: Uniform slip model underestimates tsunami hazard for probabilistic assessment: results from a case study in the South China Sea, PP54A-08Abstract Title: A Multi-Peaked Mid-Holocene Relative Sea-Level Highstand on the Sunda Shelf, Indonesia, S31A-2738Abstract Title: Hunt for Slow Slip Events Along the Sumatran Subduction Zone in a Decade of Continuous GPS Data, S43D-2836Abstract Title: Fault morphology controls rupture size: Evidence from the 2015 Gorkha earthquake sequence in Nepal, T21D-2858Abstract Title: The Diverse Slip Behavior of the Banyak Islands Section of the Sunda Megathrust Offshore Sumatra.
Qiu, X.
DI21A-2584Abstract Title: A seismic anisotropy study of the Dragon Flag hydrothermal field (49°39′E ) on the Southwest Indian Ridge, DI41A-2586Abstract Title: Receiver Function Imaging of the Mantle Transition Zone beneath the South China Block, S53A-2784Abstract Title: Relocation of earthquakes at southwestern Indian Ocean Ridge and its tectonic significance, T52A-05Abstract Title: 3D seismic structure of the Zhenbei-Huangyan seamount chain in the East sub-basin of the South China Sea and its mechanism of formation, V43B-3147Abstract Title: Seismic constraints on Late Mesozoic magmatic plumbing system in the onshore-offshore area of Hong Kong
Qiu, Y.
EP21C-0923Abstract Title: Effects of Chinese Deforestation and Reforestation Policies on Sediment Sourcing in Yunnan, China
Qiu, Y.
A51I-0186Abstract Title: Aerosol-stratocumulus Interactions over the Southeast Pacific: A Process Study Using WRF-Chem
Qiu, Y.
PP43D-2313Abstract Title: An isotopic perspective on the correlation of surface ocean carbon dynamics and sea ice melting in Prydz Bay (Antarctica) during austral summer
Qiu, Z.
H43F-1559Abstract Title: Tetrachloroethene degradation by reducing-agent enhanced Fe(II)/Fe(III) catalyzed percarbonate
Qorbani, E.
DI13B-2656Abstract Title: Deep Deformation Pattern for the Carpathian-Pannonian Region
Qu, B.
H43J-05Abstract Title: Key Techniques and Challenges of Developing Real-Time Flood Forecasting Systems based on the Xin’anjiang Model, H51K-1533Abstract Title: Study on Parameters Estimation of the XAJ Model Based on Underlying surface characteristics
Qu, J. J.
A44E-02Abstract Title: Climate Responses to Changes in Land-surface Properties due to Wildfires , GC43E-03Abstract Title: Integrating Multi-Sensor Remote Sensing and In-situ Measurements for Africa Drought Monitoring and Food Security Assessment
Qu, T.
OS53A-2010Abstract Title: What controls the sea surface salinity variability in the equatorial Pacific?
Qu, W.
NH51D-1920Abstract Title: The Co-seismic Effects of 2010 Mw 8.8 Maule Earthquake, NH51D-1921Abstract Title: Equivalent Body Force Finite Elements Method and 3-D Earth Model Applied In 2004 Sumatra Earthquake
Qu, Z.
A31B-0044Abstract Title: Evaluation of mass balance, 4D-Var, and hybrid approaches to constraining NOx emissions using OMI NO2 remote sensing measurements.
Qu, Z.
Quaas, J.
A33G-0260Abstract Title: Evidence for Convective Invigoration from A-Train Observations, A33L-0374Abstract Title: Evaluating Direct Radiative Effects of Absorbing Aerosols on Atmospheric Dynamics with Aquaplanet and Regional Model Results, A51M-0254Abstract Title: Cloud microphysics modification with an online coupled COSMO-MUSCAT regional model
Quach, K.
PA23A-2185Abstract Title: The Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES): Enhancing Collaboration to Support Science-Based Decision-Making
Quach, N. T.
IN23D-1755Abstract Title: A Case for Data and Service Fusions, IN51B-1810Abstract Title: Application of Open Source Technologies for Oceanographic Data Analysis
Quackenbush, A.
H53G-1745Abstract Title: Testing an Irrigation Decision Support Tool for California Specialty Crops
Quackenbush, L. J.
H33B-1577Abstract Title: Automation of Endmember Pixel Selection in SEBAL/METRIC Model
Quade, J.
PP12A-04Abstract Title: Combining 14C/U-Th Series Geochronology and Stable/Clumped Isotope Geochemistry of MIS 2 Lake Tufas of Lake Chewaucan, Oregon, USA to Reconstruct Deglacial Climate in the Pacific Northwest, PP33D-06Abstract Title: Mapping South American Summer Monsoon Changes during Heinrich Event 1 and the LGM: Insights from New Paleolake Records from the Central Andes
Quaife, T. L.
B14B-08Abstract Title: Millennial-scale drivers of carbon storage and flux in terrestrial ecosystem models, B42AAbstract Title: Integrating Remote Sensing Observations and Eddy Covariance Observations I, B43DAbstract Title: Integrating Remote Sensing Observations and Eddy Covariance Observations II Posters, B53BAbstract Title: Forest Canopy Structure: Remote Sensing Observations and Modeling of Its Influence on Radiation Regimes and Gas Exchanges Posters, H23L-06Abstract Title: Managing the risk of agricultural drought in Africa, H51G-1459Abstract Title: Assimilating ESA-CCI Soil Moisture into the JULES-EMPIRE Data Assimilation System
Quakenbush, L.
GC23D-1172Abstract Title: The Effects of Changing Sea Ice on Marine Mammals and Their Hunters in Northern Alaska
Qualls, R. J.
C33C-0833Abstract Title: Combination of MODIS Snow, Cloud and Land Spatial Coverage Data with SNOTEL to Generate Inter-Annual and Within-Season Snow Depletion Curves and Maps, H33L-01Abstract Title: Characterization of the Saturated Condition Potential Evaporation and Evaporative Demand and Their Implications in the Complementary Relationship , H51N-1578Abstract Title: Plant Canopy Temperature and Heat Flux Profiles: What Difference Does an Isothermal Skin Make?
Quam, B.
IN11F-1802Abstract Title: A Summary of Proposed Changes to the Current ICARTT Format Standards and their Implications to Future Airborne Studies, IN11F-1805Abstract Title: Toolsets for Airborne Data (TAD): Improving Machine Readability for ICARTT Data Files, IN23A-1722Abstract Title: An Overview of the Challenges with and Proposed Solutions for the Ingest and Distribution Processes For Airborne Data Management, IN31C-1773Abstract Title: NASA's Advanced Information Systems Technology (AIST) Program support to Cyberinfrastructure from on-orbit to data exploitation
Quan, J.
A23O-02Abstract Title: Automatic model calibration to improve the performance of numerical weather prediction models
Quan, X. W.
H11P-05Abstract Title: How Has Human-induced Climate Change Affected California Drought Risk?
Quansah, J. E.
H13JAbstract Title: Sustainable Use and Protection of Water Resources in Times of Population Growth and Climate Change II Posters
Quant, J.
H13L-1750Abstract Title: Acidic Deposition along the Appalachian Trail Corridor and its Effects on Acid-Sensitive Terrestrial and Aquatic Resources
Quareni, F.
V13C-3127Abstract Title: Diffuse Soil CO2 Degassing at Solfatara of Pozzuoli (Campi Flegrei, Italy): 1998-2015, Sixteen Years of Flux Measurement.
Quarles, B.
P32B-03Abstract Title: Mapping the Region in the Nearest Star System to Search for Habitable Planets
Quartau, R.
NH23D-04Abstract Title: Hazard Potential of Volcanic Flank Collapses Raised by New Megatsunami Evidence
Quartau, R.
NH24A-06Abstract Title: The tsunami effects of a volcanic island flank collapse on a semi-enclosed basin: The Pico-São Jorge channel in the Azores archipelago
Quataert, E.
P41A-2036Abstract Title: Internal Wave Generation by Turbulent Convection
Quatrevalet, M.
A22C-04Abstract Title: First Airborne IPDA Lidar Measurements of Methane and Carbon Dioxide Applying the DLR Greenhouse Gas Sounder CHARM-F, A23B-0300Abstract Title: New Results from Frequency and Energy Reference Measurements during the first Test Flight with the Airborne Integrated Path Differential Absorption Lidar System CHARM-F
Quattrini, A.
B23A-0588Abstract Title: Demersal Fish Assemblages on Seamounts and Other Rugged Features in Deep Waters of the Greater and Lesser Antilles
Quattrochi, D. A.
GC11HAbstract Title: The NASA Public Health and Air Quality Application Program: Integrating Remote Sensing, Spatial Analysis, and Modeling for the Analysis of Environmentally Driven Human Health Risks I Posters, GC11H-1110Abstract Title: Modeled Forecasts of Dengue Fever in San Juan, Puerto Rico Using NASA Satellite Enhanced Weather Forecasts, GC13LAbstract Title: The NASA Public Health and Air Quality Application Program: Integrating Remote Sensing, Spatial Analysis, and Modeling for the Analysis of Environmentally Driven Human Health Risks II
Quaye-Ballard, J. A.
GC41B-1089Abstract Title: A Multivariate Analysis of Freshwater Variability over West Africa
Quayle, B.
A14A-04Abstract Title: Investigating the Impacts of Wildfires on Air Quality in the Western US
Queiroz, H. L.
B52B-08Abstract Title: Ecosystem Function in Amazon Floodplain Wetlands: Climate Variability, Landscape Dynamics and Carbon Biogeochemistry.
Quel, E.
Queloz, P.
H21F-1438Abstract Title: What Is the Age of Transpiring Fluxes? Exploring the Impact of Vegetation on Water and Solute Mass Balance, H51J-1522Abstract Title: Modeling Hydrologic Transport through the Critical Zone: Lessons from Catchment-Scale and Lysimeter Studies
Quemerais, E.
SH23B-2438Abstract Title: Lyman Alpha Line Profile Observations from SORCE SOLSTICE
Quennehen, B.
A11C-0051Abstract Title: The importance of Asia as a source of black carbon to the European Arctic during springtime 2013, A11C-0069Abstract Title: Evaluation of modelled aerosol distributions in the Artic using CALIOP
Quenzer, R.
GC12C-01Abstract Title: Moving from pixels to parcels: Modeling agricultural scenarios in the northern Great Plains using a hybrid raster- and vector-based approach, H13S-06Abstract Title: AN AUTOMATED ALGORITHM FOR PRODUCING LAND COVER INFORMATION FROM LANDSAT SURFACE REFLECTANCE DATA ACQUIRED BETWEEN 1984 AND PRESENT, IN51B-1801Abstract Title: AppEEARS: Simple and Intuitive Access to Analysis Ready Data
Queralt, P.
S21A-2677Abstract Title: A layer stripping approach for monitoring CO2 storage sites using surface magnetotelluric responses
Querel, R.
A43E-0340Abstract Title: A Site Atmospheric State Best Estimate of Temperature for Lauder, New Zealand
Quesada, B.
B41G-0515Abstract Title: The Importance of CO2 Utilizing Chemolithoautotrophic Microorganisms for Carbon Sequestration and Isotope Signatures of SOM in Tropical Rainforest Soils
Quesada, D.
ED11F-05Abstract Title: Downscaling Climate Science to the Classroom: Diverse Opportunities for Teaching Climate Science in Diverse Ways to Diverse Undergraduate Populations
Quesada Montano, B.
H13I-1687Abstract Title: Characterising droughts in Central America with uncertain hydro-meteorological data
Quetin, G. R.
A33J-0307Abstract Title: The Statistical Relationship Between Remotely Sensed Vegetation and Climate for the Last 15 years is not Reflective of the last 30 years
Quick, A. M.
B21C-0458Abstract Title: Statistical Modeling to Predict N2O Production Within the Hyporheic Zone by Coupling Denitrifying Microbial Community Abundance to Geochemical and Hydrological Parameters, B51C-0436Abstract Title: Characterizing biogeochemical processes in the hyporheic zone using flume experiments and reactive transport modeling
Quick, L. C.
P13E-03Abstract Title: The Europa Imaging System (EIS): High-Resolution, 3-D Insight into Europa’s Geology, Ice Shell, and Potential for Current Activity
Quick, L. J.
PP11D-01Abstract Title: Coastal lake sediments from the southern Cape, South Africa – Implications for sea level and climate variations during the Holocene
Quick, L. J.
PP13B-2295Abstract Title: Verlorenvlei - The first continuous Holocene high-resolution lake sediment record from the Winter Rainfall Zone of South Africa
Quick, M.
GC33D-1316Abstract Title: Airborne GLM Simulator (FEGS)
Quidelleur, X.
V31A-3008Abstract Title: New geochronological constraints of the Lassen segment’s regional volcanism
Quigley, K.
B21D-0509Abstract Title: Assessing the Impacts of Herbivory on Plant Silica Accumulation across a Global Network of Grasslands
Quigley, M.
T13C-3010Abstract Title: Neogene Tectonic History of the Sierra San Pedro Mártir, Baja California Revealed by Careful Pairing of Cosmogenic Sampling with Topographic Analysis
Quilty, J.
H32A-04Abstract Title: Stochastic weather inputs for improved urban water demand forecasting: application of nonlinear input variable selection and machine learning methods
Quincey, D. J.
C41D-0723Abstract Title: Characterising glacier-wide ice-surface roughness using a combined Structure-from-Motion and Terrestrial Laser Scanning approach, C51B-0706Abstract Title: Seasonal Greenland Ice Sheet ice flow variations in regions of differing bed and surface topography
Quinlan, K. R.
H51P-02Abstract Title: Site Specific Probable Maximum Precipitation Estimates and Professional Judgement
Quinn, C.
AE33A-0469Abstract Title: Gamma Ray and Very Low Frequency Radio Observations from a Balloon-Borne Platform
Quinn, C.
NG31A-1840Abstract Title: Combining Human and Machine Intelligence to Derive Agents’ Behavioral Rules for Groundwater Irrigation
Quinn, E. T.
V11F-08Abstract Title: Magma Mixing Chronometry: Quantitative 3D Tomographic Analysis of Biotite Breakdown in Heating Experiments
Quinn, J.
P53C-2149Abstract Title: Sample Acqusition Drilling System for the the Resource Prospector Mission
Quinn, J. D.
H41G-1421Abstract Title: Improving Multi-Objective Management of Water Quality Tipping Points: Revisiting the Classical Shallow Lake Problem
Quinn, J. E.
P24A-02Abstract Title: X-ray Amorphous Phases in Antarctica Dry Valley Soils: Insight into Aqueous Alteration Processes on Mars?
Quinn, K. M.
GC41G-01Abstract Title: Implications of dynamics underlying temperature and precipitation distributions for changes in extremes
Quinn, M. S.
SH33B-2463Abstract Title: Analysis of the Longitudinal Variation of Energetic Particle Radiation during the 23 July 2012 Solar Event Using STEREO and LRO/CRaTER with the BRYNTRN Model
Quinn, N.
H13I-1698Abstract Title: An evaluation of Dynamic TOPMODEL for low flow simulation, H42F-05Abstract Title: Improving hydrologic model hypothesis testing by accounting for rainfall and discharge uncertainties, H53A-1643Abstract Title: The Impact of Rainfall Uncertainty on Flood Simulations, H53J-06Abstract Title: Progress towards regional flash flood modelling
Quinn, P.
A11D-0088Abstract Title: Comparing Organic Aerosol Composition from Marine Biogenic Sources to Seawater and to Physical Sea Spray Models, A24C-02Abstract Title: Key Findings of the AMAP 2015 Assessment on Black Carbon and Tropospheric Ozone as Arctic Climate Forcers, A34F-06Abstract Title: Nitrous acid (HONO) observations during the Uintah Basin Wintertime Ozone Studies (UBWOS) and the Wintertime Investigation of Transport, Emission, and Reactivity (WINTER) study: sources, measurements interferences, and implications beyond., A42D-01Abstract Title: Do primary marine aerosol organics play a role in the biological regulation of climate?, A43C-0295Abstract Title: Development and Application of a Hygroscopicity Basis Set for the Analysis of the Mixing State of Nascent Sea Spray Aerosols, A53A-0353Abstract Title: Measurements of Atmospheric Aerosol Vertical Distributions above Svalbard, Norway using Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)
Quinn, P.
IN21E-02Abstract Title: Earthdata Search: Methods for Improving Data Discovery, Visualization, and Access, IN42A-02Abstract Title: Data Visualization Challenges and Opportunities in User-Oriented Application Development
Quinn, T. M.
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