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U, U.
Ubic, R.
MR21A-2603Abstract Title: A Multi-analytical Approach for the Characterization of Marbles from Lesser Himalayas (Northwest Pakistan)
Ucarkus, G.
T41A-2856Abstract Title: Structural Architecture of the Western Transverse Ranges and Potential for Large Earthquakes
Ucciani, G.
V13C-3144Abstract Title: Dynamic of the volcanic activity of La Soufrière volcano (Guadeloupe, Lesser Antillles): Evidence for shallow fluid seismic sources
Uceda, E.
P31A-2055Abstract Title: Icebergs on early Mars, P43D-2147Abstract Title: Coeval Formation of Aqueous Minerals on Mars
Uchida, C.
H31G-1504Abstract Title: Effects of a Reservoir Water on the GW Quality in a Coastal Aquifer of Semi-arid Region, North-east of Tunisia
Uchida, H. A.
SA51A-2386Abstract Title: Prediction of foF2 Disturbances Above Tokyo Using Solar Wind Input to a Neural Network
Uchida, J.
A23E-0359Abstract Title: Error and energy budget analysis of a non-hydrostatic stretched-grid global atmospheric model, A24E-03Abstract Title: An effort for developing a seamless transport modeling and remote sensing system for air pollutants
Uchida, N.
S34A-06Abstract Title: Repeating Earthquakes Confirm and Constrain Long-Term Acceleration of Aseismic Slip Preceding the M9 Tohoku-Oki Earthquake, S34A-07Abstract Title: Spatial partitioning between co- and post-seismic slip of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake based on seafloor and terrestrial geophysical observations, S51A-2644Abstract Title: Spatial and temporal variations of radiated seismic energy estimated for repeating earthquakes in northeastern Japan; implication for healing process, T43C-3018Abstract Title: Emergence, moment change and disappearance of repeating earthquakes following the 2011 Tohoku earthquake, T51J-01Abstract Title: Periodic slow slip and megathrust zone earthquakes in northeastern Japan
Uchida, S.
B12B-02Abstract Title: Sand migration modeling in hydrate-bearing sediments
Uchida, T.
OS23B-1992Abstract Title: Early Diagenesis of Subseafloor Sandy Sediments Closely Related to Gas Hydrate Occurrences and Their Provenances in the Eastern Margin of Japan Sea
Uchida, T.
NH33D-03Abstract Title: A physically based expression for the total volume and area of earthquake induced landsliding., NH41B-1818Abstract Title: Landslide occurrences and recurrence intervals of heavy rainfalls in Japan, NH41C-1841Abstract Title: The influence of fine sediment on the fluidity of debris flows based on the equilibrium concentration and friction coefficient
Uchida, Y.
H23A-1552Abstract Title: Performance evaluation of ground-source heat pump system and development of suitability map for its installation
Uchide, T.
MR24A-02Abstract Title: The Effect of Viscoelastic Fault Zone Rheology on the Interseismic Growth of Fault Shear Stress Patches, S14B-07Abstract Title: Complex migration pattern and size-dependent stress drops of foreshocks of 2014 Mw 6.2 Northern Nagano earthquake, S43EAbstract Title: Earthquake Source Studies: Advances in Investigation of Parameters of Simple Source Models I, S44AAbstract Title: Earthquake Source Studies: Advances in Investigation of Parameters of Simple Source Models II, S44A-02Abstract Title: Complexities in earthquake source spectra revealed by spectral ratios to multiple empirical Green’s function events, S51AAbstract Title: Earthquake Source Studies: Advances in Investigation of Parameters of Simple Source Models III Posters, T43C-3026Abstract Title: Mechanically understand foreshock-afterslip-mainshock sequence of 2011 Great Tohoku-oki earthquake
Uchikawa, J.
PP51D-06Abstract Title: Outside the pH box: Boron isotopes in synthetic calcite precipitated under varying solution chemistry, PP53B-2335Abstract Title: Toward better understanding of B/Ca and δ11B proxies: An experimental approach
Uchino, H.
SM13D-2549Abstract Title: High-energy ions produced by two approaching flow fronts in the magnetotail
Uchino, O.
A22C-07Abstract Title: Development of ground-based lidars for measuring H2O and O3 profiles in the troposphere, A33F-0247Abstract Title: Carbon Flux Estimation in Southeast Asia using a Eulerian-Lagrangian Coupled Inversion System and Observational Data from Multiple Platforms, A41I-0171Abstract Title: Analyzing six-year-long GOSAT Observational Data, A41I-0185Abstract Title: Development of match-up tool of satellite and ground-based greenhouse gases data for GOSAT–2 data validation.
Uchiyama, Y.
EP53B-1012Abstract Title: Measurement of Channel Morphology in a Headwater Stream using Low-Altitude Photography and a 3D Model Software, H11G-1427Abstract Title: Spatial pattern of the throughfall volume on a steep slope dominated by deciduous broad-leaved trees
Uckert, K.
P52A-03Abstract Title: Compositional Analysis of Primitive and Icy Planetary Surfaces with In Situ Two-Step Laser Mass Spectrometry
Udall, B. H.
PA11C-06Abstract Title: Global Change Drought in the Southwest: New Management Options
Uddenberg, M.
PP21A-2216Abstract Title: Assessing Past Fracture Connectivity in Geothermal Reservoirs Using Clumped Isotopes: Proof of Concept in the Blue Mountain Geothermal Field, Nevada USA
Uddling, J.
B23B-0598Abstract Title: Carbon budget of Nyungwe Tropical Montane Rain Forest in Central Africa
Uddstrom, M.
SA11A-01Abstract Title: Gravity Wave Predictability and Dynamics in Deepwave
Uden, D.
H12D-07Abstract Title: The contribution of reserves and anthropogenic habitat for functional connectivity and resilience of ephemeral wetland networks
Udias, A.
DI42A-07Abstract Title: The LPO Iron Pattern beneath the Earth’s Inner Core Boundary, S23C-2744Abstract Title: Synthetic PGV and PGA values for the 1969 St. Vincent Cape earthquake Ms=8.1.
Udovydchenkov, I. A.
S23C-2747Abstract Title: Three-dimensional numerical modeling of bottom-diffracted surface-reflected arrivals in the North Pacific
Udphuay, S.
NS31A-1948Abstract Title: Soil-Gas Radon Anomaly Map of an Unknown Fault Zone Area, Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand
Udrea, B.
P31C-2082Abstract Title: The Role of Mass Transfer between Martian satellites on Surface Geology
Udrekh, U.
T41B-2890Abstract Title: Seafloor Changes Offshore Northern Sumatra from 1997-2009 Bathymetric Data
Udry, A.
P31A-2028Abstract Title: Craters of the Moon National Monument as a Terrestrial Mars Analog: Examination of Mars Analog Phosphate Minerals, Phosphate Mineral Shock-Recovery Experiments, and Phosphate Minerals in Martian Meteorites
Udu-gama, N.
PA21B-2159Abstract Title: Partnerships that Bridge the Gap Between Research and Impact, PA23A-2183Abstract Title: Scientific Research for Integrated Solutions to Community Challenges: The Thriving Earth Exchange (TEX) Approach
Uebel, M.
B33C-0711Abstract Title: Simulation of mesoscale and diurnal variability of atmospheric CO2 concentrations in a region including complex terrain and densely populated areas
Ueda, H.
V23A-3079Abstract Title: Seismic array observations for monitoring phreatic eruptions in Iwojima Island, Japan
Ueda, H.
GC44A-07Abstract Title: Global and Regional Variations in Mean Temperature and Warm Extremes in Large-Member Historical AGCM Simulation
Ueda, K.
A43D-0315Abstract Title: Integrated Assessment on Effects of Short-Lived Climate Pollutants (SLCPs) in Asia based on Numerical Models
Ueda, T.
MR33B-2659Abstract Title: Earthquakes in the Mantle? Insights from Ultramafic Pseudotachylytes
Ueda, Y.
H21G-1454Abstract Title: Effects of Flow Velocity and Particle Size on Transport of Ultrafine Bubbles in Porous Media
Uehara, S.
T13H-03Abstract Title: Simultaneous observations of reaction kinetics, creep behavior, and AE activities during syndeformational antigorite dehydration at high pressures
Uehara, S. I.
MR33C-2688Abstract Title: Flow properties through a single fracture in Neogene-Quaternary siltstone on effective pressure increasing and decreasing processes
Uehira, K.
T51D-2933Abstract Title: Detection of Interplate Earthquakes in the Source Area of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake Using Extensive Seafloor Aftershock Observation Data
Ueki, K.
V41B-3066Abstract Title: The density, compressibility and seismic velocity of hydrous melts at crustal and upper mantle conditions
Uematsu, M.
A41A-0044Abstract Title: Multi-Modal Spatial Analysis of Metals within Individual Aerosol Particles Sampled from the Asian Continental Outflow, OS51B-1989Abstract Title: Cloud condensation nuclei characteristics of Asian dust particles over the western and central North Pacific, OS51B-1990Abstract Title: Detection of Remarkably Low Isotopic Ratio of Iron in Anthropogenic Aerosols and Evaluation of its Contribution to the Surface Ocean
Uemizu, K.
P23A-2107Abstract Title: The result of Venus Orbit Insertion of Akatsuki on December 7th, 2015, SM31C-2511Abstract Title: Solar wind influence on the Jovian inner magnetosphere observed by Hisaki/EXCEED
Uemura, K.
H23A-1567Abstract Title: In situ study of the effect of ground source heat pump on shallow ground-water quality in the late Pleistocene terrace area of Tokyo, Japan
Uemura, Y.
G13A-1008Abstract Title: Improvement of determinating seafloor benchmark position with large-scale horizontal heterogeneity in the ocean area, T51D-2931Abstract Title: High-Frequency CTD Measurements for Accurate GPS/acoustic Sea-floor Crustal Deformation Measurement System
Uenishi, K.
S11A-2771Abstract Title: Shallow Dip-Slip Fault Rupture: Possible Origin of Asymmetric Seismic Motion
Ueno, G.
A21E-0184Abstract Title: Downscaling and probabilistic regional climate projection in Japan using a statistical method
Ueno, M.
P23A-2107Abstract Title: The result of Venus Orbit Insertion of Akatsuki on December 7th, 2015
Ueno, T.
S34B-07Abstract Title: Depth-dependence of time-lapse seismic velocity change detected by a joint interferometric analysis of vertical array data, T21D-2852Abstract Title: High-resolution image of the subducting Philippine Sea plate beneath western Shikoku, southwest Japan
Uenzelmann-Neben, G.
EP13A-0920Abstract Title: Multichannel Seismic Investigations of Sediment Drifts off West Antarctica and the Antarctic Peninsula: Preliminary Results from Research Cruise JR298, T51F-2983Abstract Title: The Mozambique Ridge – A Large Igneous Province with a Complicated Emplacement History, V23B-3132Abstract Title: Preliminary Geochemical Results from the Mozambique Ridge, SW Indian Ocean
Ueyama, M.
A52C-04Abstract Title: Empirically constrained estimates of Alaskan regional Net Ecosystem Exchange of CO2, 2012-2014, B13D-0645Abstract Title: Continuous measurements of methane flux in two Japanese temperate forests based on the micrometeorological and chamber methods , B21M-08Abstract Title: Changes in terrestrial CO2 budget in Siberia in the past three decades, B31C-0564Abstract Title: Successional change in photosynthetic capacities after wildfires across the North American boreal forests, B33E-0754Abstract Title: Influence of urban park on local climate based on a temperature decomposition of comparative eddy covariance measurements, B43H-0641Abstract Title: Ecophysiological parameters for a coupled photosynthesis and stomatal conductance model derived from eddy covariance measurements in Asia
Ueyama, R.
A33K-0341Abstract Title: Rapid Transport of Carbon Monoxide and Water Vapor from Troposphere to Stratosphere via Tropical Convection During Stratospheric Sudden Warming
Ugalde, R.
T34A-06Abstract Title: Detrital provenance constraints from the Austral (Magallanes) Basin on dynamic changes in orogenic paleogeography during Cenozoic growth and denudation of the Patagonian Andes
Ugbaje, S. U.
GC41B-1086Abstract Title: Impacts of Climate Change/Variability and Human Activities on Contemporary Vegetation Productivity across Africa
Ugelow, M.
P13B-2143Abstract Title: Compositional and Optical Properties of Titan Haze Analogs Using Aerosol Mass Spectrometry, Photoacoustic Spectroscopy and Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy
Uhlbäck, J.
B51F-0496Abstract Title: Improving Seasonal Diffusive Flux Estimates through Inverse Calibration of Lake Surface Methane Concentration
Uhle, M. E.
TH32BAbstract Title: e-Infrastructure and Data Management for Global Change Research
Uhlein, A.
PP33B-2301Abstract Title: Carbon and Oxygen Isotope Stratigraphy of the Ediacaran Jaíba Formation, Upper Bambuí Group, Brazil: Insights into Paleogeography and Sedimentary Environments after a Neoproterozoic Glaciation.
Uhlein, G. J.
PP33B-2301Abstract Title: Carbon and Oxygen Isotope Stratigraphy of the Ediacaran Jaíba Formation, Upper Bambuí Group, Brazil: Insights into Paleogeography and Sedimentary Environments after a Neoproterozoic Glaciation.
Uhlir, L.
AE31A-0408Abstract Title: Sub-ionospheric Propagation of Preliminary Breakdown Pulses Preceding Negative Cloud-to Ground Lightning Discharges
Uhlman, K.
H12G-02Abstract Title: Can We Mitigate Climate Extremes using Managed Aquifer Recharge: Case Studies California Central Valley and South-Central Arizona, USA
Uhrhammer, R. A.
S33D-2806Abstract Title: Remote Determination of the in situ Sensitivity of a Streckeisen STS-2 Broadband Seismometer
Uichanco, C.
H51B-1369Abstract Title: Calibration of Watershed Lag Time Equation for Philippine Hydrology using RADARSAT Digital Elevation Models
Uijlenhoet, R.
A11L-0224Abstract Title: Contribution of long-term accounting for raindrop size distribution variations on quantitative precipitation estimation by weather radar: Disdrometers vs parameter optimization, H23F-1632Abstract Title: Parameter Transferability Across Spatial and Temporal Resolutions in Hydrological Modelling , H53A-1642Abstract Title: Impact of Spatial Resolution and Forcing on the Simulation of Drought and Floods
Ujiie, K.
MR31B-03Abstract Title: High-velocity frictional strength across the Tohoku-Oki megathrust determined from surface drilling torque, S34A-03Abstract Title: Slow slip events in plate-rate laboratory experiments on samples from shallow regions of subduction megathrusts, T11H-06Abstract Title: Earthquake rupture in shallow portion of subduction zone: An ancient record from the Ishido thrust (out-of-sequence thrust) in Boso Peninsula, central Japa, T21D-2868Abstract Title: Hydrogeological and Seismic Responses to Incoming Materials at the Non-Accreting Margin, Offshore the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
Ukasha, M.
H41F-1395Abstract Title: Sensitivity of Groundwater Depletion Rates Estimated from Different GRACE Products and Water Balance Models of Different Spatial Scale
Ukhorskiy, A. Y.
SM41C-2495Abstract Title: Storm- Time Dynamics of Ring Current Protons: Implications for the Long-Term Energy Budget in the Inner Magnetosphere., SM41E-2515Abstract Title: Van Allen Probes Science Gateway: A Centralized Data Access Point, SM41E-2531Abstract Title: Proton Acceleration at Injection Fronts in the Inner Magnetosphere, SM41E-2539Abstract Title: Relationship Between Dipolarizations and Energetic Particle Injections in Earth’s Inner Magnetosphere, SM44B-05Abstract Title: Theoretical Analysis of Radial Transport in the Inner Belt and the Slot Region
Ukkola, A.
H31F-1490Abstract Title: Modelling evapotranspiration during precipitation deficits: identifying critical processes in a land surface model
Ukstins Peate, I.
PP13B-2283Abstract Title: Disentangling High Frequency Climate Oscillations In A Volcanic Setting Laguna Lejia, Chile, V31D-3056Abstract Title: Mafic Volcanism and the Deep Crust in the Central Andes: In Situ Geochemistry and Isotopic Composition of Young, Small-Volume Mafic Eruptions.
Ulberg, C. W.
V33E-07Abstract Title: Magma reservoirs from the upper crust to the Moho inferred from high-resolution Vp and Vs models beneath Mount St. Helens, V43B-3130Abstract Title: Preliminary Shear Velocity Tomography of Mt St Helens, Washington from iMUSH Array, V43B-3134Abstract Title: Double-Difference Earthquake Locations Using imaging Magma Under St. Helens (iMUSH) Data, V43B-3135Abstract Title: Tomographic Imaging of the Magmatic System at Mount St. Helens with the iMUSH Broadband Array
Ulbrich, U.
A13C-0329Abstract Title: Different Long-term Trends of Extra-tropical Cyclones and Windstorms in ERA-20C and NOAA-20CR Reanalyses
Ulizio, T. P.
NH43B-1886Abstract Title: Using Confidence Intervals and Recurrence Intervals to Determine Precipitation Delivery Mechanisms Responsible for Mass Wasting Events.
Ullah, I.
S53A-2786Abstract Title: Estimation of Shear Wave Velocity from MASW and H/V Joint Inversion in a Noisy Area of Sao Paulo City, Brazil
Ullah, M. S.
EP32B-06Abstract Title: Embracing Non-Stationarity – Hysteresis and Coherence in the Ganges-Brahmaputra Source-to-Sink System and Its Imprint on the Stratigraphic Record., NS41B-1947Abstract Title: Imaging Sand Bars using 3D GPR in an Outcrop Reservoir Analog: Cretaceous Ferron Sandstone, South-East Utah
Ullman, D. J.
PP43B-2263Abstract Title: Incorporating feedback uncertainties in a model-based assessment of equilibrium climate sensitivity using Last Glacial Maximum temperature reconstructions
Ullman, W. J.
H31G-1514Abstract Title: Temporal and spatial variability of sediment saturation and patterns of groundwater-surface water exchange in the intertidal zone at swash and tidal time scales
Ullmann, K.
A12A-02Abstract Title: The Impact of Oil and Natural Gas Activity on Ozone Formation in the Colorado Front Range, A13E-0394Abstract Title: Formaldehyde in the Tropical Western Pacific: Evaluation of model chemistry and emissions with in situ observations, A21A-0001Abstract Title: Photochemistry of an Urban Region using Observations and Numerical Modeling, A23I-07Abstract Title: Insights into Chemical Transport and Oxidative Processing in the Arctic Springtime, A34F-03Abstract Title: Sources, Chemistry, and Transport of Pollutants over the Eastern United States During the WINTER 2015 Aircraft Campaign, A51N-0265Abstract Title: Extending ICON-ART - Comparison of Simulations with Aircraft Data in the Tropical and Extra-Tropical UTLS
Ullrich, M. K.
V13C-3149Abstract Title: Stabilization of Sulfur and Arsenic Species in Sulfidic, Iron-rich Geothermal Waters Using Solid Phase Extraction
Ullrich, P. A.
A53G-07Abstract Title: Projecting 21st Century Snowpack Trends in the Western United States using Variable-Resolution CESM, H41AAbstract Title: Advances in Hydroclimatology and Climate Change I Posters, H44AAbstract Title: Advances in Hydroclimatology and Climate Change II, NG13BAbstract Title: Advances in Numerical Methods for Geophysical Modeling I, NG23AAbstract Title: Advances in Numerical Methods for Geophysical Modeling II Posters, NG23A-1769Abstract Title: Using the Chombo Adaptive Mesh Refinement Model in Shallow Water Mode to Simulate Interactions of Tropical Cyclone-like Vortices, NG23A-1778Abstract Title: Tempest: Tools for Addressing the Needs of Next-Generation Climate Models, NG23A-1779Abstract Title: Efficient Computation of Atmospheric Flows with Tempest: Development of Next-Generation Climate and Weather Prediction Algorithms at Non-Hydrostatic Scales
Ulmer, C.
H14D-08Abstract Title: Sorption, Photodegradation, and Chemical Transformation of Naproxen and Ibuprofen in Soils and Water
Ulmer, P.
V54A-02Abstract Title: Gas-driven filter pressing in magmas: insights into in-situ melt segregation from crystal mushes
Ulrich, C.
B41D-0469Abstract Title: Estimating Soil Properties and Relationship to Landscape Properties in Arctic Tundra using Aerial Platform and Geophysical Monitoring, C11C-0788Abstract Title: Lab-Scale Investigation of Multi-dimensional Relationships between Soil Intrinsic Properties to Improve Estimation of Soil Organic and Ice Content using Novel Core Imaging and Geophysical Techniques in Arctic Tundra, C33C-0825Abstract Title: Multiscale Observational Platforms and Bayesian Data Integration to Estimate Snow Depth and Snow-water-equivalent over the Ice-wedge Polygonal Tundra, H13E-1596Abstract Title: Coupled Monitoring and Inverse Modeling to Investigate Surface – Subsurface Hydrological and Thermal Dynamics in the Arctic Tundra, H54B-02Abstract Title: Quantifying Subsurface Water and Heat Distribution and its Linkage with Landscape Properties in Terrestrial Environment using Hydro-Thermal-Geophysical Monitoring and Coupled Inverse Modeling, S41A-2707Abstract Title: Ambient Noise Surface Wave Tomography for Geotechnical Monitoring Using “Large N” Distributed Acoustic Sensing
Ulrich, M.
V11D-3089Abstract Title: Mantle Wedge formation during Subduction Initiation: evidence from the refertilized base of the Oman ophiolitic mantle
Ulrich, M.
GC22CAbstract Title: Permafrost Degradation and Its Interrelations with Physical, Ecological, and Socioeconomic Processes I, GC23JAbstract Title: Permafrost Degradation and Its Interrelations with Physical, Ecological, and Socioeconomic Processes II Posters, GC23J-1222Abstract Title: Size, distribution and evolution of thermokarst lakes in Central Yakutia, Russia
Ulrich, R. K.
SH14A-06Abstract Title: Predicting the Interplanetary Magnetic Field using Approaches Based on Data Mining and Physical Models, SH23B-2442Abstract Title: BAYESIAN ANALYSIS OF HMI IMAGES AND COMPARISON TO TSI VARIATIONS AND MWO IMAGE OBSERVABLES, SH43B-2442Abstract Title: Sunspot Tilt Angles Measured with MDI/SOHO and HMI/SDO
Ulrich, R.
A12C-05Abstract Title: Ice nucleation by plant structural materials and its potential contribution to glaciation in clouds
Ultee, E.
C13E-01Abstract Title: Ocean forcing drives glacier retreat sometimes, C51C-0747Abstract Title: Perfect plastic approximation revisited: a flowline network model for calving glaciers
Ulvrova, M.
T41E-2953Abstract Title: Process of Obduction in Global Mantle Convection Models
Ulzibat, M.
T31A-2845Abstract Title: Late Pleistocene to Historical Activity of the Hovd Fault (Mongolian Altay) from Tectonic Geomorphology and Paleoseismology, T41B-2874Abstract Title: High-resolution surface-rupture map and slip distribution for the 1905 M8 Tsetserleg-Bulnay, Mongolia, earthquake sequence
Um, M. J.
GC31C-1189Abstract Title: The statistical bias correction of projected precipitation for the extreme events
Um, W.
Uman, M. A.
AE14A-02Abstract Title: Characteristics of the Pulse Luminosity in the Initial Breakdown Stage of Cloud-to-Ground and Intracloud Lightning, AE14A-07Abstract Title: Return Stroke Current Reflections in Rocket-Triggered Lightning, AE21A-04Abstract Title: An Intense Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flash Observed at Ground Level, AE31A-0416Abstract Title: Luminosity waveforms versus height for triggered-lightning return strokes and M-components, AE31A-0421Abstract Title: Acoustic Properties of Return Strokes and M-components From Rocket-Triggered Lightning, AE33A-0476Abstract Title: Ground Level Observations of a Possible Downward-Beamed TGF during a Rocket-Triggered Lightning Flash at Camp Blanding, Florida in August 2014
Umbanhowar, C. E. Jr
B11H-0551Abstract Title: Peat initiation, soil carbon accumulation, fire, and vegetation changes in north-central Canadian arctic lowland forest peatlands during the Holocene, PP13C-2301Abstract Title: An 8000 Year History of Fire and Productivity in a Nutrient-Poor Boreal Landscape Reconstructed from Two Lakes in Central Labrador.
Umbarger, K.
OS21A-1964Abstract Title: Origin and Distribution of the Post KPG Carbonate Debris Flow and Consequent Slope Readjustment in DeSoto Canyon, Gulf of Mexico
Umeda, K.
T51A-2837Abstract Title: Constraints on timing of faulting events associated with plastic deformations of biotites based on fission-track thermochronometry
Umeda, T.
SH41C-2390Abstract Title: Electron scale instabilities in the foot of a perpendicular shock
Umemoto, K.
MR23B-2650Abstract Title: Liquid Iron Alloys with Hydrogen at Outer Core Conditions by First Principles
Umezawa, T.
A33C-0171Abstract Title: Regional emission and loss budgets of atmospheric methane (2002–2012)
Umhoefer, P. J.
T13B-2986Abstract Title: Structural Geology and Exhumation of the Paleogene Southern Sivas Fold and Thrust Belt, Central Anatolia, Turkey
Umili, G.
S53B-2835Abstract Title: Detecting Slow Deformation Signals Preceding Dynamic Failure: A New Strategy For The Mitigation Of Natural Hazards (SAFER)
Umlauft, J.
S41B-2716Abstract Title: Locating mofettes using seismic noise records from small dense arrays and Matched Field Processing Analysis in the NW Bohemia/Vogtland Region, Czech Republic
Umling, N. E.
PP41B-2231Abstract Title: The Role of the Eastern Equatorial Pacific in Carbon Sequestration and Ventilation over the Last Glacial-Interglacial Transition
Ummenhofer, C.
GC41G-04Abstract Title: Implications of North Atlantic Sea Surface Salinity for Summer Precipitation over the US Midwest: Mechanisms and Predictive Value, PA51AAbstract Title: Climate Research to Applications: Realizing Societal Benefits of Information from US CLIVAR Science Posters
Umpleby, A.
S23B-2697Abstract Title: Global inversion for anisotropy during full-waveform inversion
Umurhan, O. M.
P41E-04Abstract Title: Processes Modifying Cratered Terrains on Pluto, P41E-05Abstract Title: Geomorphic Evolution of Sputnik Planum and Surrounding Terrain, P41E-08Abstract Title: Radii and Shape of Pluto and Charon: Preliminary Results from New Horizons, P41E-09Abstract Title: New Insights into the Structure, Origin, and Evolution of Pluto and Charon, P51A-2040Abstract Title: N2 glacial flow on and onto Sputnik Planum, P51A-2041Abstract Title: Convection in Solid Nitrogen and Other Supervolatile Ices on Pluto
Unal, A.
NH43A-1858Abstract Title: Determination of Destructed and Infracted Forest Areas with Multi-temporal High Resolution Satellite Images
Unal, E.
H51E-1413Abstract Title: Modeling the Colorado Front Range Flood of 2013 with Coupled WRF and WRF-Hydro System
Ünal, Y. S.
GC31C-1198Abstract Title: Changes in Temperature Extremes in High Resolution Simulations of RegCM driven by MPI-ESM2 under RCP8.5 and RCP4.5 Scenarios over Turkey, GC43A-1176Abstract Title: Temporal Changes in Extreme High Temerature, Heat Waves in Istanbul Between 1960-2014
Unal, Y. S.
B33E-0769Abstract Title: Urban Heat Island Characteristics Of Istanbul
Underwood, J. C.
H14D-02Abstract Title: Role of the bottom sediments immediately beneath the lake water-groundwater interface in the transport and removal of cyanobacteria, cyanophage, and dissolved organic carbon during natural lake-bank filtration at a kettle pond subject to harmful algal blooms
Underwood, M.
T33C-2950Abstract Title: Effects of Clay Mineral Provenance and Clay Diagenesis on the Hanging Wall of a Megasplay Fault: Results from Riser Drilling, Nankai Trough Seismogenic Zone Experiment
Underwood, S.
GC24C-01Abstract Title: Toward a unified system for understanding, predicting and projecting regional hurricane activity, GC41A-1077Abstract Title: The Roles of Radiative Forcing, Sea Surface Temperatures, and Atmospheric and Land Initial Conditions in U.S. Summer Warming Episodes
Undorf, S.
A43D-0308Abstract Title: Spatial Patterns of Climate Impact from Anthropogenic Aerosols in the Early Instrumental Period
Unema, J. A.
V32A-04Abstract Title: Diverse Water-Magma Interactions In The Conduit And Column During The 2008 Okmok Eruption, Alaska
Unger, M.
PA21A-2158Abstract Title: Playing with Science: Using Interactive Games to Improve Public Engagement
Unger, N.
A41R-02Abstract Title: Haze and ozone pollution effects on the land carbon sink in China, A43G-0388Abstract Title: Relationships between photosynthesis and formaldehyde as a probe of isoprene emission, A43G-0393Abstract Title: Air Quality and Climate Effects of Oil Palm Expansion in Southeast Asia 1990 - 2010
Unglert, K.
V13DAbstract Title: Styles of Volcanism: Forecasting, Pattern Recognition, and Monitoring Developing Eruptions I, V14BAbstract Title: Styles of Volcanism: Forecasting, Pattern Recognition, and Monitoring Developing Eruptions II, V22BAbstract Title: Styles of Volcanism: Forecasting, Pattern Recognition, and Monitoring Developing Eruptions III (Half Session), V23AAbstract Title: Styles of Volcanism: Forecasting, Pattern Recognition, and Monitoring Developing Eruptions IV Posters, V23A-3078Abstract Title:

Pattern recognition in volcano seismology - Reducing spectral dimensionality, V51D-3060Abstract Title: A Rare Window Into Magmatic Conduit Processes: Time Series Observations From Active Lava Lakes 

Unick, C.
SM23C-2579Abstract Title: Dynamics of the Open Closed Field Line Boundary
Unkel, I. B.
PP13B-2281Abstract Title: Paleolimnological Evaluation of Lake Chapala (Western Mexico) During the Past 10,000 Years (CONACYT CB2011, Grant 168685, In Progress). PHASE II: Laboratory Work: First Results.
Unninayar, S.
H42DAbstract Title: Integrated Observations/Modeling of Water Cycle Extremes and Attribution of Changes in the Components of the Hydrological Cycle to Human Influences I, H43EAbstract Title: Integrated Observations/Modeling of Water Cycle Extremes and Attribution of Changes in the Components of the Hydrological Cycle to Human Influences II Posters, H43E-1555Abstract Title: Water Cycle Extremes: from Observations to Decisions
Uno, K. T.
PP21B-2245Abstract Title: The role of hydroclimate in the late-Miocene expansion of C4 grasses in India, PP23B-2298Abstract Title: New Iinsights Iinto Great Plains C4 Grassland Evolution and Paleoenvironmental Change From Paleosol Sedimentary Organic Matter d13C Records Over the Past 5 Myr, PP23D-06Abstract Title: Miocene-Pleistocene Paleoclimate and Paleoenvironment in the Meade Basin, Kansas, PP23E-06Abstract Title: The Late Miocene Rise of C4 Vegetation in Eastern Africa Documented by Terrestrial Plant Waxes in Marine Cores
Uno, K.
V23A-3064Abstract Title: Rhyolite lava fracturing and degassing induced spherulitic growth of Sawajiriwan and Sanukayama lavas in Kozushima Island, Japan
Uno, M.
T21D-2868Abstract Title: Hydrogeological and Seismic Responses to Incoming Materials at the Non-Accreting Margin, Offshore the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
Unome, S.
T41B-2891Abstract Title: Detection of Surface Rupture and Deformation Associated with the 2014 Kamishiro Fault Earthquake in Central Japan by Differential LiDAR and Tectonic Geomorphological Survey
Unsworth, M. J.
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