Author/Convener Index: Q

Qafoku, N. P.
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Qazi, N. U. Q.
Qi, C.
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Qi, D.
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Qi, S.
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Qi, W.
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C21C-0379Title: Mapping Antarctica using Landsat-8 – the preliminary results
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Qi, Y.
H51U-05Title: Performance and Uncertainty Analysis of Precipitation Retrievals Derived from Dual-frequency Precipitation Radar and Microwave Imager onboard GPM over CONUS
Qi, Y.
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Qi, Z.
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Qian, C.
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Qian, J. H.
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Qian, L.
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Qian, Y.
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Qiang, X.
GP21A-3642Title: Brunhes-Matuyama Magnetic Polarity Reversal Tracing using Chinese loess10Be
Qiang, Z.
A13D-3194Title: The Characteristics of Long-range Transboundary Inorganic Secondary Aerosols in Northeast Asia
Qianying, L.
V31E-4808Title: Alleghanian Magmatism in the Southern Appalachians: Geochronology of the Multi-Phase Danburg-Sandy Hill Intrusion and Coeval Mafic Enclaves 
Qiao, H.
B23A-0181Title: Biomediated Precipitation of Calcium Carbonate and Sulfur in a Faintly Acidic Hot Spring
Qiao, L.
P13B-3810Title: Layered Subsurface Structure at the Chang’e-3 Landing Site Derived from Imaging Data: Awaiting Ground Truth from Chang’e-3 Radar Experiments
Qiao, Q.
GP23B-3669Title: Neogene magnetostratigraphy and rock magnetic study of the Kashi Depression, NW China: significance for Neotectonic deformation in SW Tianshan Mountains
Qiao, W.
H51A-0564Title: Study on 3D surfactant assisted electrokinetic remediation of 1,2,4-trichlorobenzene in low permeability soil
Qiao, X.
H51L-0764Title: Analysis on the Change Characteristic of Runoff in Three Different Climate Regions of China
Qiao, Y.
PP42C-07Title: Latitudinal Expansion of the Holocene Optimum in the East Asian Monsoon Region
Qie, L.
A21D-3073Title: High Temperal Resolution AOD Retrieval of Northern China in 2014 Winter Based on Geostationary Satellite Remote Sensing Data
Qie, X.
AE22A-03Title: Observation of a bipolar cloud-to-ground flash containing one first positive stroke followed by three negative strokes
Qin, C.
H43MTitle: Complexities of Flow and Transport in Porous Media Across Diverse Disciplines I Posters, H43M-1143Title: A New Approach to Modelling Water Flooding in a Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell, H52ATitle: Complexities of Flow and Transport in Porous Media Across Diverse Disciplines II, H53HTitle: Complexities of Flow and Transport in Porous Media Across Diverse Disciplines III
Qin, C.
DI51A-4352Title: Oscillatory Thermochemical Convection as a Cause for the Episodic Mare Basalt Volcanism in the PKT Region of the Moon
Qin, C. C.
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Qin, G.
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Qin, H.
A13B-3157Title: Improving the City-scale Emission Inventory of Anthropogenic Air Pollutants: A Case Study of Nanjing
Qin, J.
AE31B-3407Title: Effects of Phosphor Persistence on High-Speed Imaging of Transient Luminous Events, AE34A-05Title: On the Propagation of Streamers in Electrical Discharges
Qin, J.
IN21A-3695Title: Real-Time Joint Streaming Data Processing from Social and Physical Sensors
Qin, J.
EP21A-3516Title: Very fast Uplifting in the Kongur Shan, NE Pamir during Marine Isotope Stage 5 (MIS 5)
Qin, J.
GC43C-0729Title: A Brightness-Temperature-Variance-Based Passive Microwave Algorithm for Monitoring Soil Freeze/Thaw State on the Tibetan Plateau, GC43C-0747Title: Towards High Spa-Temporal Resolution Estimates of Surface Radiative Fluxes from Geostationary Satellite Observations for the Tibetan Plateau
Qin, P.
GC11D-0586Title: Effects of anthropogenic groundwater exploitation on land surface processes: A case study of the Haihe River Basin, Northern China
Qin, Y.
S21A-4403Title: Frontal Rupturing and Tsunamigenic Potential of the Mentawai Locked Zone from Seismic Full Waveform Inversion and Numerical Modelling, T41B-4611Title: The Nature of Intra-plate Deformation in the Wharton Basin and Its Consequence on the Subduction Processes
Qin, Y.
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Qin, Y.
H23N-1083Title: Drought Analysis of Haihe Basin in North China based on the Community Land Model, 1960-2010
Qin, Y.
A21G-3118Title: Climate Change Impact Assessment in Pacific North West Using Copula based Coupling of Temperature and Precipitation variables, A51G-3120Title: Modelling uncertainties and possible future trends of precipitation and temperature for 10 sub-basins in Columbia River Basin (CRB)
Qin, Y.
A32D-08Title: Cyclone and Anticyclone Activities Impact Eurasian Surface Climate and Cause Extreme Cold Events ?
Qinzhu, C.
V21A-4730Title: Study of hydrothermal channels based on near-bottom magnetic prospecting: Application to Longqi hydrothermal area
Qiu, B.
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Qiu, C.
GP31A-3664Title: EM Diffusion for a Time-Domain Airborne EM System
Qiu, G. Y.
B13I-0304Title: Effects of Green Space and Land Use/Land Cover on Urban Heat Island in a Subtropical Mega-city in China
Qiu, H.
T11F-08Title: Observations at a San Jacinto Fault Zone site (Sage Brush Flat) Using a Nodal Seismic High Frequency Array
Qiu, H.
PP53A-1196Title: In-situ Strontium Isotopes Analysis on Single Conodont Apatite by LA-MC-ICP-MS
Qiu, H.
H41L-04Title: Projections of Virtual Water Trade Under Agricultural Policy Scenarios in China
Qiu, J.
A21D-3067Title: Characteristics of atmospheric aerosol optical depth variation in China during 1993-2012
Qiu, J.
SH13A-4081Title: Solar Coronal Holes and Open Magnetic Flux, SH22A-07Title: Two-Ribbon Flares Spreading in the Third Dimension, SH23A-4150Title: Onset of Flare Reconnection and Coronal Mass Ejection Acceleration in Eruptive Events, SH31A-4104Title: Magnetic Field-line Length and Twist Distributions within Interplanetary Flux Fopes from Wind Spacecraft Measurements, SH51E-06Title: The Nature of CME-flare Associated Coronal Dimming
Qiu, J.
IN23E-02Title: Integrating the Apache Big Data Stack with HPC for Big Data
Qiu, L.
V41E-08Title: Temporal Evolution of the Upper Continental Crust: Implications for the Mode of Crustal Growth and the Evolution of the Hydrosphere
Qiu, L.
H54F-05Title: Evaluating the Non-Stationary Characteristics of Annual Streamflow in China for the Period 1960–2000
Qiu, L.
A13B-3157Title: Improving the City-scale Emission Inventory of Anthropogenic Air Pollutants: A Case Study of Nanjing
Qiu, N.
GP23A-3658Title: Geomagnetic Polarity Reversal Model of Deeptow Magnetic Survey in the Southwest Subbasin of South China Sea Ridge
Qiu, Q.
T41B-4612Title: Evidence for power-law rheology of the Wharton Basin asthenosphere
Qiu, S.
IN13C-3654Title: Vicarious Validation of Suomi-NPP/VIIRS Day /Night Band using DOME-C and Greenland under moon-light
Qiu, Y.
GC21A-0509Title: Sedimentary Environment and Climate Evolution at the Northern Continental Margin of the South China Sea During the Last Glacial Cycle and Holocene
Qorbani, E.
DI33A-4295Title: Anisotropic Structure of the Upper Mantle in the Carpathian-Pannonian Region: From SKS Splitting data and Xenolith Constraints, DI33A-4296Title: Slab Detachment Under the Eastern Alps Seen By Seismic Anisotropy, S23E-07Title: The Ground Truth of Crustal Anisotropy from Receiver Functions
Qorbani Nashaqi, K.
OS24A-06Title: New Simulator for Non-Equilibrium Modeling of Hydrate Reservoirs
Qu, C.
OS21B-1131Title: The relations between natural gas hydrate distribution and structure on Muli basin Qinghai province
QU, F.
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Qu, J.
A41D-3074Title: Possible Linkage between Arctic Oscillation and Climate over South China Sea during the Boreal Spring
Qu, K.
OS23C-1209Title: A Hybrid Geophysical Fluid Dynamics and Fully 3D Fluid Dynamics Approach to Simulate Multiphysics Coastal Flows
Qu, S.
EP53A-3642Title: Research on Electrostatic Suspension Two-dimension Tiltmeter
Qu, S.
H11G-0968Title: The Study of System Response Parameter Calibration Method for Xinanjiang Model Parameters, H51L-0764Title: Analysis on the Change Characteristic of Runoff in Three Different Climate Regions of China
Qu, T.
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Qu, X.
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Qu, Z.
EP33C-3661Title: Gravel Particles Entrainment and Deposition under Unsteady Flow Conditions
Qu, Z.
A21C-3045Title: Horizontal Structure of Dynamical Instability at Marine Stratocumulus Cloud Top Revealed in Polarized Light, A41G-3133Title: Assessment of Oco-2 Target Mode Vulnerability Against Horizontal Variability of Surface Reflectivity Neglected in the Operational Forward Model
Quaas, J.
A23M-08Title: Trends in Aerosol Emissions over Europe and Global Aerosol Forcing, A31A-3005Title: Assessment of the Aerosol and its Radiative Forcing Simulated from the GEOS-Chem-APM with Remote Sensing Data, A43N-04Title: Regional Fast Cloud Feedback Assessment As Constraint on Global Climate Sensitivity
Quach, N. T.
IN24A-07Title: Horizon: The Portable, Scalable, and Reusable Framework for Developing Automated Data Management and Product Generation Systems
Quack, B.
A43M-05Title: Organic Halogen and Related Trace Gases in the Tropical Atmosphere: Results from Recent Airborne Campaigns Over the Pacific
Quade, J.
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Quadros, J. P.
PP41C-1377Title: A time-transgressive Holocene onset from Globorotalia menardii records on Brazilian continental margin sediments
Quaglia, F. C.
PA43A-4041Title: Communicates Real-Time Developments in the Arctic
Quagliati, M.
OS53B-1043Title: 3d Operational Hydrodinamic Modelling System as a Support to Oil Spill Responses in the Ligurian Sea (North-Western Mediterranean)
Quaife, T. L.
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Quake, S. R.
B23G-02Title: Physiology and phylogeny of the candidate phylum “Atribacteria” (formerly OP9/JS1) inferred from single-cell genomics and metagenomics
Qualley, G.
GC43A-0676Title: Power Curve Modeling in Complex Terrain Using Statistical Models
Qualls, C.
Quan, J.
H11N-03Title: Parametric uncertainty quantification of large complex dynamical system models
Quan, T. M.
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Quan, X. W.
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Quantin, C.
P51E-3986Title: What Can Spectral Properties of Martian Surface and Snc Can Tell Us about the Martian Crust Composition and Evolution
Quaranta, D.
NH53B-3887Title: A probabilistic spatial-temporal model for vent opening clustering at Campi Flegrei caldera (Italy)
Quarles, B.
P11C-3776Title: Obliquity Evolution of an Early Venus
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V11B-4697Title: The emergence and evolution of Santa Maria Island (Azores) - the conundrum of uplifting islands revisited
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Quartly, G.
G31B-01Title: Two Decades of Global and Regional Sea Level Observations from the ESA Climate Change Initiative Sea Level Project
Quataert, E.
NG23A-3790Title: Simulations of Convective Excitation of Internal Waves in Water
Quataert, E.
OS11A-1243Title: Swell-generated Set-up and Infragravity Wave Propagation Over a Fringing Coral Reef: Implications for Wave-driven Inundation of Atoll Islands
Quattrocchi, F.
NH31A-3852Title: Long-Term Soil Gas Surveys in the Northern Part of the Modena Province Pre, During and After the 2012 Seismic Sequence
Quattrochi, D. A.
GC51E-0469Title: Combining MODIS and Landsat to Study the Impact of Urban Lands on Surface Climate in the U.S
Quayle, B.
A53B-3227Title: Airborne In-Situ Trace Gas Measurements of Multiple Wildfires in California (2013-2014), IN41D-02Title: From Data to Knowledge — Faster: GOES Early Fire Detection System to Inform Operational Wildfire Response and Management
Que, W.
SM13A-4147Title: FLARE (Facility for Laboratory Reconnection Experiments): A Major Next-Step for Laboratory Studies of Magnetic Reconnection
Quebbeman, J.
H33L-04Title: Vegetal Optimality and Macro-Scale Dynamic Vegetation – Scaling from Leaf to Landscape
Queiroz, E.
A53L-3376Title: Preliminary carbon isotope measurements of fossil fuel and biogenic emissions from the Brazilian Southeastern region
Queitsch, M.
GP31B-03Title: Calculation and Analysis of Magnetic Gradient Tensor Components of Global Magnetic Models
Quelet, P. T.
A11G-3076Title: Wind Turbine Wake Variability in a Large Wind Farm, Observed by Scanning Lidar
Queloz, P.
H21L-03Title: Non-stationarity of solute travel time distribution observed in a controlled hydrologic transport volume
Quemerais, E.
SH11B-4053Title: UVS – Voyager 1 measurements in the outer heliosphere, SH13E-06Title: Galactic Cosmic Rays: the additional information from UVS
Quenzer, R.
IN23D-3757Title: A prototype for automation of land-cover products from Landsat Surface Reflectance Data Records, IN52A-08Title: Teaching an Old Client New Tricks – the GloVIS Global Visualization Viewer after 14 Years
Queralt, P.
NS43A-3876Title: An approach for monitoring resistivity variations using surface magnetotelluric data and its application to CO2 storage site
Querendez, E.
C13B-0454Title: Glacistore: Understanding Late Cenozoic Glaciation and Basin Processes for the Development of Secure Large Scale Offshore CO2 Storage (North Sea).
Quesnel, B.
V53A-4834Title: Dissolution–precipitation processes governing the carbonation and silicification of the serpentinite sole of the New Caledonia ophiolite
Quesnel, Y.
GP51B-3738Title: Magnetic Properties of Lunar Samples: an Exhaustive Survey of the Apollo Collection, P53C-4025Title: Serpentinization As a Possible Mechanism at the Origin of Valley Network Formation on Early Mars
Quevedo, J. M. D.
PP53C-1241Title: Paleoproductivity during the Younger Dryas off northeastern Luzon, Philippines
Qui, X.
A53R-02Title: Satellite Measurements of Solar-Induced Fluorescence Help to Constrain CO2 Fluxes in Atmospheric Inversions
Quick, A. M.
H31B-0618Title: Flume experiments elucidate relationships between microbial genetics, nitrogen species and hydraulics in controlling nitrous oxide production in the hyporheic zone
Quick, J.
G21A-0428Title: The Impact of the AuScope VLBI Observations and the Regional AUSTRAL Sessions on the TRF
Quideau, S.
H33I-0961Title: Modelling Effects of Cover Material and Cover Depth on Hydrological Regime and Salt Redistribution in Reclaimed Oil Sand Landscapes in Northern Alberta
Quigley, M.
B23I-04Title: Linking Intra-Aggregate Pore Size Distribution with Organic Matter Decomposition Status, Evidence from FTIR and X-Ray Tomography
Quijano, J.
B52DTitle: Terrestrial Hydrological and Biogeochemical Cycles of Managed and Restored Ecosystems I, B53DTitle: Terrestrial Hydrological and Biogeochemical Cycles of Managed and Restored Ecosystems II Posters, B53D-0215Title: Threshold Dynamics in Soil Carbon Storage for Bioenergy Crops
Quijano, M. L.
PP12A-06Title: No support for widespread surface ocean acidification during Oceanic Anoxic Event 1a
Quijano-Scheggia, S.
OS51B-0974Title: Influence of hydrography of Central Mexican Pacific in the spatial variation of inorganic nutrients during 2010
Quilaqueo, M.
S31D-4452Title: Repeating Earthquakes in Northern Chile
Quilty, J.
H41A-0797Title: Forecasting Urban Water Demand via Machine Learning Methods Coupled with a Bootstrap Rank-Ordered Conditional Mutual Information Input Variable Selection Method
Quin, A.
B34D-01Title: Biogeochemical Transformation Pathways through the Land-water Geosphere
Quincey, D. J.
EP43E-02Title: 3D Reconstruction of a Fluvial Sediment Slug from Source to Sink: reach-scale modeling of the Dart River, NZ
Quinlan, P. T.
H53B-0854Title: Earth-Tide Derived Aquifer Properties in Fractured Granite: Results from a Groundwater Monitoring Well Network in the Peninsular Ranges Batholith, H53L-06Title: Effects of Radial Variability in Sap Flow on up-Scaling of in Situ Evapotranspiration Measurements from the Scale of Individual Trees to the Grove Scale
Quinlan, R.
PP21B-1338Title: Paleoecological inferences of recent alluvial damming of a lake basin due to retrogressive permafrost thaw slumping
Quinn, C.
SA13B-3997Title: Early Results on Energetic Particle Precipitation Observed by the ABOVE Instrument Array
Quinn, J.
P11D-04Title: Resource Prospector: A lunar volatiles prospecting and ISRU demonstration mission
Quinn, J.
H31B-0620Title: Impacts of Wood Additions on Dissolved and Particulate Nutrient Retention in an Agriculturally Impacted Stream: A Multi-Tracer Injection Study at Whatawhata, New Zealand
Quinn, J. D.
GC23D-0673Title: A Robust Profitability Assessment Tool for Targeting Agricultural Investments in Developing Countries: Modeling Spatial Heterogeneity and Uncertainty
Quinn, K. J.
G13A-0523Title: Impact of self-attraction and loading on Earth rotation
Quinn, M. S.
SH43C-04Title: Low Energy Neutral Atoms and Kappa Ion Distributions in the Heliosheath
Quinn, P.
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Quinn, P.
IN52A-03Title: Earthdata Search: Combining New Services and Technologies for Earth Science Data Discovery, Visualization, and Access, IN53B-3804Title: Fresh Wounds: Metadata and Usability Lessons from building the Earthdata Search Client
Quinn, P. F.
H23G-0960Title: Scale Effect in Nutrient Transport along a Rural River System: THE River Eden, Cumbria, Northwest, England
Quinn, R. A.
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Quinn, T. M.
A11B-3023Title: Varied Spatial Response of the SPCZ on Multi-decadal Timescales over the past 500 Years, PP33A-1202Title: Centennial-scale winter climate variability over the last two millennia in the northern Gulf of Mexico based on paired δ18O and Mg/Ca in Globorotalia truncatulinoides, PP41E-07Title: A Southwest Pacific Coral Perspective on ENSO Variability: Precessional Forcing vs. Internal Variability, PP43B-1471Title: Hydrological shifts in seawater δ18O in southwest tropical Pacific since 1649 CE
Quiñones, R.
H21N-07Title: Better Redd than Dead: Optimizing Reservoir Operations for Wild Fish Survival During Drought
Quintana Krupinski, N. B.
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