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Ubelmann, C.
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Ucarkus, G.
T52A-05Title: Active deformation offshore the Western Transverse Ranges
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Uceda, S.
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Uchida, K.
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Uchida, M.
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Uchida, N.
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Uchida, T.
OS21B-1130Title: Early Diagenetic Changes of Sediment Pore Properties Beneath the Seafloor and Their Contributions to Gas Hydrate Concentration in the Eastern Margin of Japan Sea
Uchida, T.
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Uchide, T.
S31F-05Title: Stress drop variations among small earthquakes in the Tohoki-oki region, Japan, and implication for the 2011 Tohoku-oki earthquake, S53C-4524Title: Determination of Focal Mechanisms of Non-Volcanic Tremors Based on S-Wave Polarization Data Corrected for the Effects of Anisotropy
Uchikawa, J.
B31H-03Title: Kinetic Effects on B/Ca in Synthetic Calcite: Implications for B(OH)4- and B(OH)3 Incorporation.
Uchino, O.
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Uchiyama, A.
A21I-3156Title: Development of Multi-Field of view-Multiple-Scattering-Polarization Lidar : analysis of angular resolved backscattered signals
Uchiyama, H.
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Uchiyama, Y.
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Uckert, K.
B33B-0171Title: Rapid and Portable Methods for Identification of Bacterially Influenced Calcite: Application of Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy and AOTF Reflectance Spectroscopy, Fort Stanton Cave, New Mexico
Uddenberg, M.
H43A-0940Title: Deep Stimulation at Newberry Volcano EGS Demonstration
Uddin, K.
GC53A-0505Title: Operationalizing land cover/land use data products to support decision making in the forestry sector of Hindu Kush Himalaya region
Uddin, S.
H41E-0874Title: Controls on Algal Bloom Propagation in the Kuwait Bay Utilizing: An Integrated Remote Sensing and Statistical Approach
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B41C-0050Title: Water Use Efficiency as a Means for Up Scaling Carbon Fluxes from Leaf to Stand
Uddstrom, M.
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Udelhoven, T.
B41N-08Title: Thermal Hyperspectral Remote Sensing for Plant Species and Stress Detection
Udrekh, U.
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Uebbing, B.
G21B-0439Title: Quantifying and Projecting Relative Sea-Level Rise At The Regional Scale: The Bangladesh Sea-Level Project (BanD-AID), G31B-07Title: Partitioning Regional Sea Level in the Bay of Bengal from a Global Grace and Jason-1/-2 Joint Inversion
Ueda, K.
T33B-4686Title: Stratigraphic Signatures of Forearc Basin Formation Mechanisms, T43E-07Title: Constraining the upper plate surface deformation across coupled subduction-collision systems
Ueda, S.
A41K-3218Title: Verification of difference of ion-induced nucleation rate for kinds of ionizing radiation
Ueda, T.
S23C-4542Title: Imaging and 2.5D Modeling of Receiver Functions from Deep Virtual Receivers in Kyushu Island, Japan
Uehara, K.
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Uehara, M.
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Uehira, K.
S13D-4503Title: Spatial distribution of earthquakes around the southern end of the co-seismic slip of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake
Ueki, A.
H13A-1040Title: Hotspot identification of trans-boundary water conflict due to anthropogenic water use and climate change in the future
Ueki, K.
V53B-4849Title: Thermodynamic model for the calculation of multi pressure melting phase relation of anhydrous spinel lherzolite
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OS34B-05Title: A Japanese New Altimetry Mission, COMPIRA – Towards High Temporal and Spatial Sampling of Sea Surface Height Measurement
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Ueno, H.
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Ueno, S.
IN33C-3780Title: Construction of the combined system of literature, intermediate data, and data in upper atmospheric research field
Ueno, S.
SM31B-4190Title: The Effect of the Ion Gyro Motion to Nonlinear Processes of the Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability
Ueno, Y.
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Uenzelmann-Neben, G.
PP41C-1390Title: A Multistage Volcanic and Tectonic Evolution History on the High Plateau, Part of the Manihiki Plateau, Central Pacific, T53C-4690Title: The Fragmented Manihiki Plateau – Key Region for Understanding the Break-up of the “Super” Large Igneous Province Ontong Java Nui
Uesugi, K.
MR12A-06Title: Sound velocity and density of liquid Fe-Ni-Si under pressure: Application to the composition of planetary molten core
Uesugi, T.
A21D-3063Title: Aerosol Size Distribution Determined From Multiple Field-Of-View Lidar, A43B-3272Title: Development of a 266 nm Raman lidar for profiling atmospheric water vapor 
Ueyama, M.
B41C-0052Title: Inverse Estimation of Parameters for a Coupled Photosynthesis and Stomatal Conductance Model Using Eddy Covariance Measurements at a Black Spruce Forest in Alaska, B51H-0108Title: Overstory and Understory CO2 and Energy Fluxes of a Black Spruce Forest in Interior Alaska, B53G-05Title: Detecting robust signals of interannual variability of gross primary productivity in Asia from multiple terrestrial carbon cycle models and long-term satellite-based vegetation data
Ueyama, R.
A23L-3415Title: Patterns of Convective Influence and Temperatures in the Tropical Tropopause Layer during the Airborne Tropical TRopopause EXperiment (ATTREX), A23L-3422Title: Trajectory and Microphysical Modeling of TTL Water
Ugarte-Urra, I.
SH41C-4155Title: The VAULT2.0 Observing Campaign: A Comprehensive Investigation of the Chromosphere-Corona Interface at Sub-arcsecond scales
Uglietti, C.
GC23H-03Title: Quelccaya Ice Core Evidence of Widespread Atmospheric Pollution from Colonial Metallurgy after the Spanish Conquest of South America (1532 AD)
Uhen, M. D.
IN23A-3724Title: Exposing USGS sample collections for broader discovery and access: collaboration between ScienceBase, IEDA:SESAR, and Paleobiology Database
Uhle, M. E.
GC13FTitle: Global Approaches to Advance Interdisciplinary Earth Sciences at the Intersection of Science, Policy, and Society I Posters, GC22CTitle: Global Approaches to Advance Interdisciplinary Earth Sciences at the Intersection of Science, Policy, and Society II, GC41C-0575Title: Towards Global Transdisciplinary Research: Lessons Learned from the Belmont Forum, TH33BTitle: E-infrastructure and Data Management for Global Change Research
Uhlemann, S.
NH43A-3814Title: Integrated Interpretation of Geophysical, Geotechnical, and Environmental Monitoring Data to Define Precursors for Landslide Activation
Uhlenbrock, K.
OS21C-1145Title: US CLIVAR Accomplishments Over the Past 15 Years and Research Challenges for the Future, OS43E-1316Title: Progress and Priorities of the US AMOC Program
Uhlherr, A.
IN24A-06Title: Collaboratively Architecting a Scalable and Adaptable Petascale Infrastructure to Support Transdisciplinary Scientific Research for the Australian Earth and Environmental Sciences, IN53E-01Title: Computational Environments and Analysis methods available on the NCI High Performance Computing (HPC) and High Performance Data (HPD) Platform
Uhlir, L.
AE13A-3354Title: Properties of Trains of Strong Preliminary Breakdown Pulses Which Are Followed by Weak Return Stroke
Uhlman, K.
GC13B-0630Title: Drought Resilience of Water Supplies for Shale Gas Extraction and Related Power Generation in Texas, H23C-0895Title: Screening for Dissolved Methane in Groundwater Across Texas Shale Plays
Uichanco, C.
H13F-1189Title: Determination of Watershed Lag Equation for Philippine Hydrology, H41C-0833Title: Importance of Integrating High-Resoultion 2D Flood Hazard Maps in the Flood Disaster Management of Marikina City, Philippines
Uijlenhoet, R.
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Uitenbroek, H.
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Ujiie, K.
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Ukasha, M.
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Ukhorskiy, A. Y.
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Ukita, J.
A33D-3217Title: Influences of Northern Hemisphere Sea-Ice Change on Atmospheric Circulation, A33E-3229Title: A Linkage of Recent Arctic Summer Sea Ice and Snowfall Variability of Japan
Ulamec, S.
P33F-07Title: Philae’s landing site, P41C-3908Title: Philae - Landing on a Comet, P43F-07Title: A Mobile Asteroid Surface Scout (MASCOT) for the Hayabusa 2 Mission to 1999 JU3: The Scientific Approach
Ulanovsky, A.
A53C-3230Title: The impact of deep overshooting convection on the water vapour and trace gas distribution in the TTL and lower stratosphere
Ulberg, C. W.
S11E-4387Title: Imaging Magma Under St. Helens (iMUSH): Details of passive-source seismic deployment and preliminary 3-D velocity structure, S11E-4388Title: Seismometer Orientation of iMUSH Array Using Rayleigh Wave Polarization, S22C-04Title: iMUSH-aided fault-plane studies at Mount St. Helens, Washington: Evidence for magma recharge
Ulbrich, M.
S42A-02Title: Accelerated Source-Encoding Full-Waveform Inversion with Additional Constraints
Ulbrich, U.
A23G-3326Title: Spatio-temporal Interplay of RWTs and Cyclones in the North Atlantic
Ulbricht, D.
IN23D-3763Title: The Demonstrator for the European Plate Observing System (EPOS), IN41B-3652Title: Keeping Research Data from the Continental Deep Drilling Programme (KTB) Accessible and Taking First Steps Towards Digital Preservation
Ulery, A. L.
ED53B-3483Title: Interactive, Online, Adsorption Lab to Support Discovery of the Scientific Process, H51A-0569Title: Natural Oxidant Demand Variability, Potential Controls, and Implications for in Situ, Oxidation-Based Remediation of Contaminated Groundwater
Ülgen, S. C.
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Ullah, S.
B41N-08Title: Thermal Hyperspectral Remote Sensing for Plant Species and Stress Detection
Ullah, S.
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Ullan, A.
EP51F-01Title: Rock Abrasion as Seen by the MSL Curiosity Rover: Insights on Physical Weathering on Mars
Ullgren, J. E.
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Ullman, W. J.
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Ullmann, K.
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Ullrich, P. A.
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Ulm, F. J.
MR11B-4321Title: Microporoelastic Modeling of Organic-Rich Shales
Ulmer, P.
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Ulrich, C.
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Ulrich, J.
H23G-0953Title: Hydrologic processes related to streambank erosion in three Minnesota agricultural watersheds, H23G-0963Title: New Tools for Managing Agricultural P
Ulrich, M.
V52A-02Title: Micro-, to nano-structural relationships in natural serpentines, derived from cationic substitutions.
Ulrich, M.
V53A-4834Title: Dissolution–precipitation processes governing the carbonation and silicification of the serpentinite sole of the New Caledonia ophiolite
Ulrich, P.
G13B-08Title: Large geodetic time series constraining the spatial distribution and the time evolution of the velocity field at the western tip of the Aden Ridge in Afar
Ulrich, R. K.
SH21A-4094Title: Bayesian Analysis Of HMI Solar Image Observables And Comparison To TSI Variations And MWO Image Observables
Ulusoy, H. S.
Ulven, O. I.
H31P-01Title: Fluid-driven metamorphism
Um, J. G.
EP53A-3628Title: Physico-Mechanical Characteristics of Freeze–Thaw Weathered Gneiss based on Accelerated Laboratory Experiments, H21A-0721Title: Visualization of CO2 flooding in an artificial porous structure using micromodels, H53D-0880Title: Implementation of Linear Pipe Channel Network to Estimate Hydraulic Parameters of Fractured Rock Masses, H53D-0891Title: FROMS3D: New Software for 3-D Visualization of Fracture Network System in Fractured Rock Masses
Um, W.
H43A-0934Title: Stimuli Responsive/Rheoreversible Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids for Enhanced Geothermal Energy Production(Part II)
Umakoshi, K.
S53C-4528Title: Migration Episode of Shallow Low-frequency Tremor at the Nankai Trough Subduction Zone: Seismological Evidence for Episodic Slow Slip Event Occurring at the Shallow Transition Zone
Uman, M. A.
AE13B-3364Title: Acoustic properties of triggered lightning, AE31A-3399Title: Search for Neutrons Associated with Lightning Discharges, AE31B-3414Title: Characteristics of Lightning Associated with Long Recovery Early VLF Events, AE31B-3416Title: Analysis of ELF Radio Atmospherics Radiated by Rocket-Triggered Lightning
Umar, M.
H52C-03Title: Suspended Solids Mixing in Large River Confluences: A Remote Sensing Perspective
Umbanhowar, C. E. Jr
B31D-0041Title: Multi-Scale Responses to Changing Climate in Lake and Terrestrial Ecosystems over the Past 200 Years at Treeline in Northern Manitoba, B31D-0046Title: The Effects of Climate and Fire on Peatland Carbon Dynamics in Central and Eastern Canada, B42D-08Title: Climate impacts on Canadian subarctic peatland C accumulation and storage potentially mediated by moisture, peatland development, and fire, GC11B-0557Title: Investigating the Effects of Climatic Change and Fire Dynamics on Peatland C Accumulation in Coastal Labrador, Canada
Umbert, M.
OS21C-1148Title: Synergy among ocean scalars usign their turbulent singularity structure
Umeda, K.
T31C-4611Title: Geophysical and Geochemical Signatures Associated with Mantle Fluids Beneath an Active Shear Zone, Southwest Japan
Umeda, M.
GC13E-0696Title: Impact Assessment of Glacier Retreat on Catchment Water Resources in the Tropical Andes, Bolivia
Umeda, T.
SH54A-03Title: Perpendicular Ion Heating by Nonlinear Development of Finite Amplitude Whistler Wave, SM13F-4237Title: Reformation and Microinstabilities at Perpendicular Collisionless Shocks, SM31B-4190Title: The Effect of the Ion Gyro Motion to Nonlinear Processes of the Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability, SM43B-4301Title: A study on characteristics of radial transport of relativistic electrons by ULF Pc5 waves in the inner magnetosphere based on the GEMSIS-RC and RB models
Umemoto, K.
MR12A-07Title: Liquid iron alloys at outer core conditions by first-principles calculation
Umemura, K.
NG43A-3767Title: Climate Variable is Time-Averaged: Dealing with Uncertainty of Paleoclimatic Record Caused by Smoothening of Noisy Variations
Umemura, N.
IN33C-3780Title: Construction of the combined system of literature, intermediate data, and data in upper atmospheric research field
Umemura, S.
NH43A-3809Title: Coseismic Deformation and Landslides Assosiated with Cinchona Earthquake, Mw 6.1, Costa Rica, Detected by ALOS/PALSAR
Umezawa, T.
A23K-3404Title: Methyl chloride in the UT/LS observed by CARIBIC: global distribution, Asian summer monsoon outflow, and use as a tracer for tropical air, A41O-07Title: Using Long-Term Observations of VOCs from the CARIBIC Observatory to Refine Understanding of Transport and Chemistry in the UT/LS
Umhoefer, P. J.
T21C-4618Title: Living on the Edge? Clumped Isotope and Oxygen Isotope Record of Early Cascade Topography (Eocene Chumstick Basin, WA, USA), T34A-01Title: Comments on the Parameters and Processes that Affect the Preservation Potential and Style of Oblique-Divergent Plate Boundaries
Umino, S.
T53A-4661Title: Crustal Accretion at Subduction Initiation Along Izu-Bonin-Mariana Arc and the Link to SSZ Ophiolites
Umling, N. E.
PP11C-1368Title: A Record of Deglacial Ventilation from Foraminiferal Radiocarbon at Intermediate Depths in the Eastern Equatorial Pacific
Ummenhofer, C.
OS53B-1029Title: Relationship of the South Asian Monsoon and Regional Drought with Distinct Equatorial Pacific SST Patterns on Interannual and Decadal Timescales, OS53B-1049Title: The Effect of Changes in the Hadley Circulation on Oceanic Oxygen Minimum Zones, PP22A-06Title: Past and Future Rainfall in the Horn of Africa
Umphlett, N.
ED13C-3472Title: Climate Masters of Nebraska: An Action Based Approach to Climate Change Education, U23A-08Title: Climate Impact Reporter: A New Tool for Archiving and Displaying Climate-related Impacts to Extreme Events
Umpleby, A.
S21E-01Title: High resolution imaging of the Earth with adaptive full-waveform inversion, S43B-4578Title: Data inversion immune to cycle-skipping using AWI
Umstot, T.
H33F-0891Title: Remote Sensing of Soil Water Storage Capacity Using the Landsat and MODIS Image Archives
Umurhan, O. M.
P42B-04Title: Helene: A Plastic Model, P43C-4002Title: Unstable Titan-generated Rayleigh-Taylor Lakes Impact Ice
Unal, B.
S11F-4409Title: Ground Motion Simulations for Bursa Region (Turkey) Using Input Parameters derived from the Regional Seismic Network
Underwood, G. J. C.
GC11B-0551Title: Chromophoric Dissolved Organic Matter in Southwestern Greenland Lakes
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